Hernán Crespo: “Where the legs cannot reach the heart will reach”.

Hernán Crespo: "Where the legs cannot reach the heart will reach".

Hernán Crespo gave a virtual press conference, one day of the Defense and Justice match against Delfín of Ecuador, for CONMEBOL Libertadores.

The Falcon coach referred to how his team arrived for the match and the challenges they had to overcome: “The team is happy, wanting to start this new competition, getting used to this new normal. The difficulties are there, they exist, but we have to get used to it. Things could have been done a little better, but that’s it. This first date will be an indicator of what can be done better and what to maintain ”.

In addition, he referred to the complications they had at the time of preparation and that he hopes that the attitude and effort of the players will replace the football limitations they may have. “The context of the country in pandemic did not help us. He didn’t give us space for anything, we couldn’t play friendlies. This period did not give us time for anything, not only for positives, but also for eventual injuries. The context in which we moved, respecting the protocols, we could have gained a few more weeks of training. We thought we were going to need 8 weeks of work, we had at most 6, we adapted, we are with a very big dream, a huge illusion. We are going to appeal a lot to the amateur spirit of the players, who have been adapting to everything knowing that the best conditions were not met. Where the legs do not reach the heart will reach ”.

Crespo put this restart of the Libertadores as an aid so that the activity in the local soccer can return: “It seems to me that playing the cup is the starting point for the local tournament to get started.”

“The identity of the game does not have to change, we are Defense, we know what we play and how we play. There is no doubt the difference in pace we have compared to Delfín, but we will see how the team is working based on who we are. If we want to have life in this tournament we have to go out and play it ”, added the DT in reference to the style of play that he expects from his players.

He also expressed that the regulatory change helps them to renew their energies during the matches: “The regulations help us to face the standoff. We have 5 changes. That helps. The parties are dynamic. The idea, the identity are not negotiated, but we do have to know how to handle the rhythms of the party ”.

“Previous Cup games teach us that it is not enough to play very well, you have to play excellent to get the 3 points. We will try not to make mistakes regarding the development of the game ”, closed the Defense coach.

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