Much future! Collin Anglin got his contract with the UFC and aims for the best

Much future!  Collin Anglin got his contract with the UFC and aims for the best

A new episode of Dana White’s Contender Series gave what to talk about, where Collin Anglin stood out from the rest of the participants. With three fighters who were left with a contract in UFC, this was one of them. He himself faced Muhammadjon Naimov, a fighter with a lot of power. The latter was not easy, but he ended up receiving a real beating from the American. His courage and claw took him to the big leagues and he promises a lot.

His punches really got the attention of many, causing everyone to stand up to applaud when all three rounds were over. «For this I came and I feel very confident. I thank Dana who put all his trust in me. My fiancee and my team are everything, because of them I am in this place. It was not easy at all, but I never give up and I am willing to give up everything to get a victory, “he said when staying with a contract in UFC.

Confidence in the previous

“I made the transition to Factory X, and obviously there are restrictions, we have to have masks and check your temperature every time you enter the gym. But I’m getting into a great job. From the boys who are already in the UFC even the fans, he’s full of natural talents and that’s why it won’t be easy. I’m constantly getting to work with some of the best guys and coaches in the world, ”he had mentioned earlier.

“It has been extremely smooth, for which I am grateful. I feel at home. Every day I work with someone who is pushing me. I have all these guys around me to help me improve. I think he’s a well-rounded fighter who likes to fight back and go for that knockout. That turns me on because I want to hit. I think this fight will end in a final, “he explained. Anglin on Naimov, analyzing what could come.

At the same time, he showed a lot of self-confidence: “I’m not one to predict rounds or anything like that, but I see myself knocking him out. I believe that if I will be victorious and perform, I will be attentive to my game plan. I think I’ll get that knockout and get that contract. It is definitely something that is in the back of your mind always. It’s in the back of my mind, but I’m not going to change the way I fight. I will fight at my normal pace, my fight, and I will win. That should be enough to impress Dana White and the matchmakers to get me that contract. “

Final results

Gregory Rodrigues vs. Jordan Williams (victory by TKO in the first round).
Collin Anglin (victory by unanimous decision) vs. Muhammadjon Naimov.
Korey Kuppe vs. Michael Lombardo (victory by unanimous decision).
Taneisha Tennant vs. Danyelle Wolf (win by unanimous decision).
Kyle Driscoll (unanimous decision win) vs. Dinis Paiva.

New contracts

Jordan Williams.
Collin Anglin.
Danyelle Wolf.

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