President of Nacional on Boca’s situation in Libertadores: “It’s nonsense”

President of Nacional on Boca's situation in Libertadores: "It's nonsense"

This Tuesday CONMEBOL and the Paraguayan health authorities gave Boca permission to travel to face Libertad for the Copa Libertadores with soccer players who tested positive for COVID-19. The president of the National Football Club of Uruguay, José Decurnex, spoke on the program ‘Tirando Paredes’ (Radio 1010 AM) on this situation and expressed opposition to the decision taken.

“It seems silly to me that this door is opened, a protocol has been made based on sanctuary corridors that has been studied in great detail. It would seem little serious to me that exceptions begin to be handled or windows or doors open no matter who the team is, ”said the tricolor team leader.

This Tuesday the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup was restarted and on Thursday Nacional will have to face Racing in Avellaneda at 5:00 p.m. for group F. On the same day, but at 9:00 p.m. and for group H, Libertad will receive in Asunción to Boca Juniors; the xeneize team was authorized to travel with some players who still have positive PCR for coronavirus.

Decurnex added: “It is a lack of seriousness; If you spent months working on a protocol, involving experts in the field, governments, and even financially subsidizing the possibility that all teams use charter, then we cannot throw away everything that has been done with a measure of this type that It seems little serious to me. These are the last minute pressures that always happen in any field to be able to make some exceptions ”.

Racing de Avellaneda has had positive cases in the squad and the affected players (such as Iván Pillud or Matías Zaracho) will not be able to play against Nacional this Thursday. The tricolor president commented: “Just as Zaracho will be left out in Racing, all the clubs in one way or another may not be with the teams as we would like for different reasons, we will have to play a Cup as we have to.”

“That is, we all wanted to play it and we all knew what the rules of the game were when it was voted to restart it as a whole, so now we have to play it with those rules of the game and that’s it,” Decurnex said.

Nacional travels this Wednesday afternoon to Argentina. The 30 players that make up the list of travelers are goalkeepers Luis Mejía, Guillermo Centurión, Sergio Rochet and Ignacio Suárez; defenders Guzmán Corujo, Agustín Oliveros, Renzo Orihuela, Paulo Vinicius, Manuel Jacquet, Mathías Laborda, Ayrton Cougo, Armando Méndez and Mathías Suárez.

Gabriel Neves, Claudio Yacob, Joaquín Trasante, Emiliano Martínez, Felipe Carballo, Santiago Cartagena, Felipe Gedoz, Agustín González and Rodrigo Amaral are the flyers of this National payroll. And in attack, the options for coach Gustavo Munúa will be Alfonso Trezza, Pablo García, Brian Ocampo, Santiago Rodríguez, Sebastián Fernández, Gonzalo Castro, Thiago Vecino and Gonzalo Bergessio.

Regarding this decision to travel with so many players, Decurnex explained: “The only way to maintain a squad that could train all together and that by returning to Montevideo could follow that training plan was for all of us to travel, and I think that’s the logical thing to do. The idea was to prioritize that the group remains united ”.

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