Pure power! At 37, Danyelle Wolf made his MMA debut and won a contract with the UFC

Pure power!  At 37, Danyelle Wolf made his MMA debut and won a contract with the UFC

The former US Boxing Champion of the Golden Gloves, Danyelle Wolf, debuted triumphantly in MMA and won a contract UFC. This was so on Tuesday night, when he faced the undefeated Taneisha tennant, in a new episode of Dana White’s Contender Series. There, she and two other fighters were left with a link with the most important company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Now, she is expected to see her soon in the cage.

Wolf He competed in boxing featherweight, but for years he trained to make his debut in MMA. Without a doubt, he left everything to have the opportunity he had a few hours ago. Her experience left her among the best suitors for a contract with UFC, which he finally got. While he was somewhat lacking in technique on the mat, his shots and power were truly impressive. The physicist accompanies her to continue dreaming and getting excited.

“You have to have respect for the sport of MMA, and you have to respect that it is not just amazing. You can’t be a great boxer, because you will be knocked down by great fighters, and great kickboxers will kick your leg. You have to be a complete athlete, you have to respect sport, you have to put in work as a mixed martial artist, and as a student “, was what he said before Danyelle Wolf, although it later proved more than expected.

He faced American nurse Taneisha Tennant (3-0), who put up a good fight, but was clearly at a disadvantage to the physicals. The great boxing of her rival did not favor her, since the distance played against her due to the opposite experience. “These people who come from the contender Series, they have been champions in their hometown and their state, and they have been around, but nobody has seen them. So when they finally get to that big stage, people are kind of savage. They say, ‘Wow, this talent was out there all the time, “” he said in the preview.


Gregory Rodrigues vs. Jordan Williams (victory by TKO in the first round).
Collin Anglin (unanimous decision win) vs. Muhammadjon Naimov.
Korey Kuppe vs. Michael Lombardo (victory by unanimous decision).
Taneisha Tennant vs. Danyelle Wolf (victory by unanimous decision).
Kyle Driscoll (unanimous decision win) vs. Dinis Paiva.

New contracts

Jordan Williams.
Collin Anglin.
Danyelle Wolf.

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