The eyes are on her! Paige VanZant debuts in BKFC Barefoot Boxing

The eyes are on her!  Paige VanZant debuts in BKFC Barefoot Boxing

The American fighter with a past in the UFC, Paige VanZant, has a debut date in boxing without gloves, BKFC. After being freed from the company that Dana White commands, the blonde will be competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, a sport full of blood and disfigured faces. In this one, the most striking images are highlighted, so the decision of the beautiful fighter was surprised.

“It should be Paige’s debut,” was what he began by saying. David feldman, President of BKFC, to the press at this time. Finally, after a few twists and turns, Paige He left the UFC and will now have his first bare-knuckle match on November 14. “I know she was sick recently, so let’s see if she will be able to train again, or if we have to push her,” said the president of her new company.

In turn, the businessman also added the following to his statements: “It will also be Jim Alers against Luis Palomino and Johnny Bedford against Dat Nguyen. So we’re going to have at least two world championship fights on that card and I think we’re going to have a women’s championship fight on that card as well. It’s going to be a tremendous couple of months for us. She’s doing better, she feels so much better. It looks like it’s going to be November.

The date is near

“In the worst case it will be December, but it will really be better if the team feels that it is ready for the fight and picked up all the nuances of bare knuckle boxing, that it has learned to do all that and it succeeds. But November is the time frame. It’s going to be impressive, really eye-catching. We are so looking forward to it. See to Paige VanZant here it will be very exciting and striking “, he closed David feldman.

“It was the opportunity that excited me. I’ve been a fan of her sport and it’s something I’m really going to be able to show off with my shots. If you look at my career in MMA, my biggest downfall has been my jiu-jitsu and my hit has been my passion. I’m so excited to show that, ”Paige said long ago. Malki Kawa, manager of VanZant, He also made it clear that both are excited, since their fighter has a great fight standing.

The timing of your UFC exit

“I heard Dana say she wants me to try free agency. If that’s how they feel then they’ll let me be a free agent. Honestly, I want to have some negotiations, I want to know who you want to be part of your family. Whoever it is, I want to work for them. I’d also like to do more than just fight: comment, report, work behind the scenes. I want to be part of the family ”, she closed at the time. Now, there is time to know what will happen to VanZant in Mixed Martial Arts.

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