Better impossible! Danyelle Wolf’s illusion for his new contract with the UFC

Better impossible!  Danyelle Wolf's illusion for his new contract with the UFC

The former American boxing champion, Danyelle Wolf, you already have your contract with a UFC and can’t wait to debut. At Dana White’s Contender Series on Tuesday night, she faced undefeated Taneisha Tennant and defeated her. It was by unanimous decision, although many believe that she should not have won. In any case, the president of the company did not hesitate and had it signed. Now, some already want to see it in action again.

“Just from this fight itself, I have learned a lot, and I am very grateful for everything I learned,” he began by saying. Wolf to the press, after what was his victory at UFC Apex in Las Vegas. “I’m almost glad it was all three rounds so I can really take a lot out of this fight, and I have, and I will, and like I said, I’ll be in the gym tomorrow,” he noted.

Wait for your next warrior

I guess we’ll talk to Dana and see what she has in store. But I’m definitely the type of athlete who just wants to hit the gym right now and work on everything I saw or missed or didn’t do enough. My coaches will probably beat me up for this, but I want to go back to the gym tomorrow, ”he said. She’s clearly looking forward to putting her gloves back on and entering the cage, considering it was a great MMA debut.

Knowing that he has yet to improve his technique in the most important octagon in the world, Danyelle He mentioned, “I’m thinking about everything I should have done, I could have done better, that’s how I’ve excelled in all the sports I’ve done and how quickly I excelled in boxing and jiu-jitsu is that I don’t stop, and I go straight back to the drawing board and back to work.

He acknowledged that it was not easy

«He gave me a hard battle, it was really very good. I have better punches, my boxing is excellent. I have to keep training, but my life is dedicated to this. I have been training in MMA for years just for this opportunity and I was finally able to get what I came for. I am very happy to have my contract with the UFC. Now, I hope to fight as soon as possible, I’m ready, “she said. Danyelle, after receiving your contract with the company.

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