Defense and Justice vs.  Delfín - Match Report - September 17, 2020

(EFE) The Argentine Defense and Justice got their first three points in Group G of the Copa Libertadores after beating the Ecuadorian Dolphin 3-0 in a match on the third day of Group G, led by the Brazilian Santos.

The Falcon has three units, two more than the Dolphin. The group is led with 7 points by Santos and with 5 followed by Paraguayan Olimpia.

Braian Romero, Gabriel Hachén and Nicolás Leguizamón scored the goals of the team led by Hernán Crespo against a rival who came to the expectation of the international debut of coach Miguel Ángel Zahzú, who just two weeks ago replaced the Argentine Carlos Ischia.

Defense and Justice dominated for much of the first half and was closer to going to rest with the victory, but the lack of aim and two good interventions by goalkeeper Dennis Corozo left the score blank.

In the first fifteen minutes the pressure of the Falcon on the Cetacean was intense and first a failed shot by Ciro Rius in the 9th minute and then another attempt that went near the post by Braian Romero in the 15th minute were the clearest options for the local.

The intensity of the defense of Delfín led by the Uruguayan Carlos Rodríguez managed to sustain the continuous and sustained attacks of the host Defensa y Justicia.

Despite being their first meeting since the March break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team led by Hernán Crespo was fit and maintained a dominant position in the game.

The Ecuadorian team did not show a renewed version of the hand of Miguel Ángel Zahzú, who had made his debut last weekend in the defeat against Independiente del Valle.

The recent departure of Carlos Ischia due to poor results and a totally different squad than the one that won the local title, left the Dolphin with few resources for this international experience.

However, in the 38th minute of this first stage, Delfín had his chance to open the score with a shot from John Cifuentes that was saved with great skill by goalkeeper Ezequiel Unsain.

At the end of this first stage, the locals had to make their first change due to an injury to Francisco Pizzini that made Gabriel Hachén jump onto the field, who in two minutes had two opportunities to score: first with a deflected shot and then with a touch that found a saving hand from Corozo.

At the beginning of the second half, Defensa y Justicia came out determined to convert and did so in the 52nd minute after a good assist from Eugenio Isnaldo who found Braian Romero, who took an accurate shot and placed the ball next to Corozo’s left post to set the first difference on the scoreboard.

Without leaving any possibility of reaction to his rival, three minutes later Defense extended the advantage with another Isnaldo center from the left that was connected by Gabriel Hachén that left goalkeeper Corozo without options.

But five minutes later came the third in the Falcon’s account with an empty clearance from Braian Romero who found Nicolás Leguizamón anticipating the departure of goalkeeper Dennis Corozo and touching the net alone.

In the fourth day, Defensa y Justicia will be home to Olimpia on September 23 in a key duel for the classification, while a day later Delfín will receive Santos.

The Argentine Daiana Milone, who helped from the line due to the contagion of coronavirus from the Brazilian referees of the Racing-Nacional match, is the second woman to be part of an arbitration team in the Copa Libertadores.

The first experience was Mariana De Almeida just a few hours before in the match played in Avellaneda.

– Data sheet:

Defense and Justice: Ezequiel Unsain; Héctor Martínez, Adonis Frías and Néstor Breitenbruch; Marcelo Benítez (m.84, Aldo Maíz) and Enzo Fernández; Ciro Rius (m.64, Nicolás Tripicchio), Washington Camacho (m.64, Nicolás Leguizamón), Francisco Pizzini (m.45, Gabriel Hachén) and Eugenio Islando; Braian Romero (m.84, Miguel Merentiel).

Coach: Hernán Crespo.

Dolphin: Dennis Corozo; Agustín Ale (d. 80, Charles Vélez), Carlos Rodríguez and Luis Cangá; Geovanny Nazareno, Janner Corozo, Julio Ortíz, Óscar Benítez and Harold González; Jhon Cifuentes (d.61, José Adolfo Valencia) and Carlos Garcés.

Coach: Miguel Ángel Zahzú.

Goals: 1-0, m.52: Braian Romero. 2-0, m.55: Gabriel Hachén. 3-0, m. 79: Nicolás Leguizamón.

Referee: Chilean Roberto Tobar admonished Ciro Rius, Harold González, Agustín Alé and Adonis Frías.

Incidents: Match of the third day of Group G played without an audience at the Norberto Tomaghello stadium.