How will you take it? Controversial message from Ben Askren to Khamzat Chimaev

How will you take it?  Controversial message from Ben Askren to Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev (8-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) will soon be in the cage UFC, so that Ben askren left some controversies about it. The prospect of Dana White is all the rage in Mixed Martial Arts, after a record of two wins in a row in ten days. Now on September 19 it will be the turn to fight again, so there is great expectation of what may happen. This being the case, the MMA expeller believes it will be his first real test.

“The hard part about it is that we saw him twice in the UFC. But the first guy he fought, John Phillips, is 1-4 in the UFC. So it was unsuccessful. And the second was a new addition to the UFC. Thus, (Chimaev) has not won a UFC fight. And that’s like, OK, well, he definitely ripped these guys apart, no question about that, but are these guys competition at the Gerald Meerschaert level? And the answer to that is that no, they definitely are not, ”he began, annoyed by his two previous contests.

Understanding what you mention Ben askrenIt will be a matter of seeing what happens on Saturday. So he went on to say, “So sometimes people can look really good against guys who aren’t that good, and then when they get into a little competition, it’s much more difficult. So I really don’t know what to expect from Chimaev. I know Gerald is very good. It is very hard. But yeah I don’t know about Chimaev still. Well, I think one of the things is that Gerald is very difficult to subdue.

This Saturday there will be results

«It is very difficult to control. He never wrestled, but he (has) pretty solid wrestling. So one of the things I can see happening for sure is that Chimaev comes out like a ball of fire and is not capable of doing the damage. He is unable to get the introductions, and then Gerald begins to take control as the fight progresses. I can see that it happens 100 percent. That would be huge if he can win this fight. I couldn’t believe how fast it took off Chimaev. That was wild, “he also added.

Giving advice to the rival of Khamzat, Ben askren He highlighted the following: “I told Gerald it’s great. It adds to the story, and you can steal someone else’s hype. I mean, that’s for sure, right? So there’s a hype behind Chimaev. Steal their hype. Make it yours And, you know, Gerald probably can’t make welterweight, which is Maia’s fight. Tell Maia to take each of the two. I think that’s the move for sure.

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