Your new candidate? Dana White’s words to Danyelle Wolf

Your new candidate?  Dana White's words to Danyelle Wolf

Danyelle Wolf, former American boxing champion, got a UFC and Dana White responded to critics. On Tuesday night, she faced undefeated Taneisha Tennant at the Dana White’s Contender Series. By unanimous decision, the boxer took a link with the most important Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. After that, many believe that it should not have a place, so the president did not remain silent.

“Normally someone who is 0-0 and had a difficult performance like that – he fought with a girl who was 5-0 – and was undefeated, he does not have good results. Danyelle He hurt her a couple of times and had her run back and put her head down, things you don’t do unless they’re hitting you really hard. So I’m going to give it a try, “he began by saying Dana White, who already believes that he has a possible future champion.

Had his reasons

Responding to the criticism he received for having given him place in UFC, Dana He highlighted the following: “I mean, she has like 43 professional fights. It’s not that I can’t fight. It’s not like I’ve never been there before. The internet is freaking out saying he lost the fight, and we gave him a chance. Listen, I’ve given people much less skill, so I think they deserve a chance.

“Our 45-pound division is not a deep division,” he said. White, focusing on what many think. It is clear that there are no great fighters in that division, and the number of them is not abundant. Now, you already have a candidate. «She wants to be in the UFC; she has always wanted to be in the UFC. She fought her way into the UFC tonight, and it’s up to her whether she stays here or not.

Danyelle Wolf’s word

«He gave me a hard battle, it was really very good. I have better punches, my boxing is excellent. I have to keep training, but my life is dedicated to this. I have been training in MMA for years just for this opportunity and I was finally able to get what I came for. I am very happy to have my contract with UFC. Now, I hope to fight as soon as possible, I’m ready, “she said. Danyelle, after receiving your contract with the company.

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