Federico Beligoy: “Surely the start date of the VAR in Argentina will be in February 2021”

Federico Beligoy: "Surely the start date of the VAR in Argentina will be in February 2021"

Federico Beligoy, National Director of Arbitration, announced in dialogue with the official AFA website that the VAR would begin to be implemented in February 2021 in Argentina and recognized a great interest from Claudio Tapia, president of the highest body, that this happens.

“Surely the start date of the VAR in Argentina is February 2021. It would have been earlier, but the pandemic caused the training to be delayed,” said the 50-year-old former referee.

Beligoy added that the training they did in the VAR is part of the FIFA protocol to homologate all the referees of the federations so that when the VAR arrives they can carry out this task.

“A year ago, President Tapia told me that he wanted the VAR in Argentina because he wanted a much more sportingly fair football. He gave us all the tools to start this process. Yesterday we finished this training at the AAA site, where we have set up three VOR rooms. The President also participated in the classes, where we continue to advance in this process that will end in December with the certification of our referees ”, he revealed about the interest of Tapia, president of AFA, that VAR be implemented in Argentina.

“When we started the VAR process, which the president asked us to do, he told me that he wanted to be the best VAR in the world. Among those requests came the possibility of making a centralized VOR building. There are very few in the world, I am lucky to know three. This one is going to be iconic and edgy. From Ezeiza the VAR will be carried out for the whole country, the construction of this building will be a before and after, which will function as a technology and arbitration development center, ”explained Beligoy, who holds the position of National Director of Arbitration since 2018.

While it ended: “The project is so ambitious that the number of people who will work there will not only be the ones focused on the VAR, but also the entire National Directorate of Arbitration. The President set up not only the VAR center but also an auditorium to train all the referees in the country. Approximately fifty people will work there ”.

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