Infantino: “In the new FIFA money no longer disappears, it goes to football”

Infantino: "In the new FIFA money no longer disappears, it goes to football"

The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, assured that “in the new FIFA money no longer disappears and goes where it has to go, to help football” in the current pandemic situation, in which “the next challenge is that fans fill the stadiums again. “

During his speech at the opening of the 70th Congress that FIFA is holding online this Friday, Infantino highlighted the measures taken by the organization to financially help national associations and confederations, such as the support plan, with an endowment of 1,500 million of dollars.

“FIFA is not facing a crisis, football is and that is why it became clear to me that FIFA had to be there to help and in the new FIFA money no longer disappears, it goes where it has to go, to football, to help football. We have a very transparent system, “he said after referring to” a historic plan that is unparalleled in the world of sport. “

The president denounced that “FIFA was a toxic place” five years ago, before he became president in February 2016, and defended that his meeting with the Swiss attorney general, for which a recent investigation was opened in the country “was an obligation because”, he said, “wanted to free FIFA from the shadows of the past.”

“I continue with this intention, we cannot lead the organization into the future if we are prisoners of its past and for this reason, two days ago I met in Washington with the United States Attorney General to show that we are determined not to return to that past path. We say corruption never again, we witnessed it and we have expelled it, “he said.

Infantino pointed out that FIFA’s financial situation has made it possible to multiply the investment in the development of football by five, thanks “to good and conservative management, and to using a significant amount of reserves in case of having to face a crisis”. and that “the next challenge is for the fans to fill the stadiums again.”

“Football without fans is not the same, we have to have health as a priority, but we have to work to try to return to normality and see full stadiums. I hope that the normality of the future is better than that of the past.” added in connection with the 211 national associations that make up FIFA.

In addition to the return of the public, Infantino marked the development of women’s football among his great objectives, after ensuring that what he experienced last year at the World Cup in France “was the apotheosis” of it, for which FIFA has an endowment of billion dollars in the next four years, which “will not be influenced” by COVID.

He also spoke of racism, “a virus that this year has come back to the surface” and that was called upon to fight as well as corruption, rigging and abuses in collaboration with the UN.

“Match fixing is devouring the soul of football but together with the UN we are going to work against it and child abuse has not been given the importance it really has. I want to create an independent commission to investigate cases of abuse because we have to ensure that children play soccer in a safe environment. Sports organizations want it to be clear that we cannot hide these faults, “he stressed.

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