Infantino raises leagues with fewer games, but better ones

Infantino raises leagues with fewer games, but better ones

The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, left open the debate on changes in the competition system of leagues with “fewer games, but better”, and considered that “the international calendar is crucial for the future”, so there is to review the current one until 2024.

“Do you think the leagues have been really interesting? What competition is that in which 90% of the teams want to finish second? I ask myself the question. The president of FIFA does not have to say how there is than playing in one place. Fewer games, better games, it’s good for football. I have spoken with different presidents about how to make our competitions better, I offer them the platform, “he said at a press conference after the 70th Congress of the FIFA held this Friday.

Infantino pointed out that he has spoken with the president of the Mexican Federation and the ‘play off’ format of his competition and recalled the moment when UEFA, when he was part of it, decided to reduce the number of matches in the Liga de Champions from 17 to 13 by substituting a group stage for knockouts.

“Then there were those who were against because otherwise more income was generated, but immediately the value increased. It has been shown that this is successful, that less is more and this can be debated without any prejudice. In football we are lucky. that the best teams don’t always win. It’s something to be debated or thrown away and maybe someone will take it out again, “he said.

After the Congress, Infantino defended that the meeting he had with the former Swiss attorney general who was investigating a corruption plot, and for which he is now under investigation, “is a guarantee of a person’s good faith.”

“In this case of the FIFA president. I don’t see how meetings with the Swiss attorney general can be defined as a secret meeting, it is something inconceivable and not normal, they have been held in public places, organized by the prosecutor’s office. We are at your disposal, we help as we can, “he said.

He also spoke of his recent meeting with the US attorney general in Washington, saying that he “thanked him for saving FIFA and showing him how it works, the reforms it has carried out, conveying its support and collaboration.”

“FIFA was a victim, before I arrived it was on the verge of being declared a criminal association,” he said.

Asked about his presence this week also at the White House to attend the signing of an agreement between Bahrain, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Infantino assured that it was something historic

“When I meet with heads of state from Gulf countries or with Israel we always talk about football and how this sport can help in certain areas. We want Palestinians to be able to play football and that is why we have to talk to Israel. We want there to be peace in this region and when it makes good relations is when we can play a role, we will see, an event or a match, it is a symbol because for FIFA all the countries of the Gulf region are equal and for those we are interested in that they maintain good relations, “he said.

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