São Paulo vs. River Plate – Game Report – September 17, 2020

São Paulo vs.  River Plate - Game Report - September 17, 2020

(EFE) – Two own goals, by Enzo Pérez and Fabrizio Angileri, deprived River Plate this Thursday of the victory at the Morumbí stadium against Sao Paulo that gave up a 2-2 draw despite the lack of pace of play of the Argentine team, in a match on the third day of Group D of the Copa Libertadores.

The Colombian Santos Borré and the Argentine Julián Álvarez managed to overcome the initial goal of Sao Paulo, the result of a shot by Reinaldo that Enzo Pérez deflected, but Sao Paulo achieved the final tables in the 83rd minute with Angileri’s goal against.

The São Paulo team did not know how to take advantage of their biggest shooting at home and left alive a River Plate that demonstrated its hegemony in international competition, despite not playing since March.

This tie isolates the LDU of Quito at the top of Group D, which the day before beat Binacional 1-0 and adds 6 points, by the 4 of Sao Paulo and River Plate, 1 more than the Peruvian team.

It took the ‘millionaire’ team a world to get into the game. Sao Paulo came out better and after five minutes of play he gave the first warning to Armani with a shot from outside the area of ​​the incombustible Hernanes.

The pressure from the Brazilians was suffocating in the opposite field.

The longest shooting of Diniz’s team, who has already played ten games of the Brazilian Championship, was evident against a River that had not played since March -190 days ago- and has hardly done group training due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

That superiority materialized in the 10th minute, when a pumped cross ended up at the feet of the winger Reinaldo, who finished badly, although the ball bounced off the body of Enzo Pérez, touched the stick and slipped into Armani’s goal. .

River did not despair with the score against and began to settle on the Morumbí grass. Julián Álvarez was the first to put Tiago Volpi in trouble with a mid-range shot.

The Argentine forward seemed the most intoned of his team and took advantage of the inexperience of the local defense to serve a death pass to Santos Borré, which the Colombian finished at pleasure to tie the duel in the 18th minute.

Reinaldo and Diego Costa, who debuted in a Libertadores match, were lost in the goal of the Buenos Aires team, which reached the heart of the area almost unopposed and with great ease.

Sao Paulo felt the claw of the Argentines, who began to assert their experience as a block and take over the ball with authority.

Not in vain were they runners-up for the Libertadores last year, who only lost in the last minute against Flamengo, and won the 2015 and 2018 finals. All with the same coach: Marcelo Gallardo.

Before the break, the two teams got into a tangana after the Sao Paulo players claimed lack of ‘fair play’ in the return of a possession that River decided to ignore. The incident was resolved quickly and without warning.

In the second half the River took the reins of the game.

The São Paulo team, without the injured Dani Alves, who is recovering from a fracture in his forearm, and with the Spanish Juanfran on the bench, was infected by discouragement and was unable to sentence a rival lacking rhythm.

He seemed satisfied with the tie. Quite the opposite of the millionaires, who advanced their lines in search of the first defeat in Libertadores del Sao Paulo in their stadium against an Argentine team (ten wins and a draw).

Igor Gomes tried to shake River’s dominance with a very dangerous shot that brushed against Armani’s stick.

More clear would be the opportunity of another Igor, the full back Igor Vinícius, who stayed hand in hand with the Argentine goalkeeper, but instead of finishing on goal, he chose to pass a teammate surrounded by defenses.

In the last ten minutes the match went crazy. The Argentines managed to turn the scoreboard in the 80th minute through Julián Alvárez.

Their joy did not last long because just three minutes later a basted play between Reinaldo and Hernanes in the front of the area pushed Angileri into the nets involuntarily.

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