Spain confirmed the call for Bautista Güemes to the selected

Guadalajara will host from this Sunday, September 20, and for a week, the Spanish men’s team, with a view to the game against Portugal on November 15.

Six months after the date on which the 2020 Rugby Europe Championship was to conclude, from 20 to 27 September Santi Santos and XV del León will carry out the first concentration of the season. They will return to Guadalajara, the town where they met for the last time and which is already one of the favorites for training, which this time will last a week and will have several new faces.

A total of ten newcomers appear on the list, of which Ike Irusta (Complutense Cisneros) and Iván Kitutu (RC Châteaurenard) already made their unofficial debut in the friendly against Occitania, in November last year. The presence of Argentines Bautista Güemes and Andrés Alvarado stands out, who will seek to wear the Spanish shirt for the first time.

On the other hand, within the 30 summoned are also the Argentines Joaquín Domínguez (1 cap), Juan Pablo Guido (5 caps), Federico Casteglioni (27 Caps) and Ignacio Contardi (35 Caps).

Among those called up there are a large number of players who for now, given the circumstances, have not been able to officially start competing in 2020-21. For this reason, these joint sessions will be very important so that the team can get back on track and that precisely those Lions catch up with those who play in competitions that have already started.

This is a key year for Los Leones, since in February and March there will be a doubly important edition of the European Championship, which will count (as in 2022) for the qualification phase for the 2023 World Cup in France. The objective of the team is to arrive in top form at that moment, for which they will play several matches previously. For now, the pending duel against Portugal that had to be canceled in mid-March is confirmed for Sunday, November 15, at the Central Complutense Stadium (Madrid).

The Squad:

José Díaz, Joaquín Domínguez, Mattius Pisapia, Andrés Alvarado, Vicente del Hoyo, Matthew Smith, Diego Carvajales, Pablo Miejimolle, Ien Ascroft-Leigh, Michael Walker-Fitton, Víctor Sánchez, Juan Pablo Guido, Gabriel Vélez, Michael Hogg, Afa Tauli , Oier Goia and Matthew Foulds.

Ike Irusta, Jaime Mata, Bautista Güemes, Gonzalo Vinuesa, Alejandro Alonso, Richard Stewart, Iván Kitutu, Diego Periel, Daniel Barranco, Ignacio Contardi, Julen Goia and Pablo Ortiz.

Source: FERugby