Schwartzman, after reaching the final of the Masters 1000 in Rome: "I play many things"

Happy where you look at it. Diego Schwartzman is surely living one of the best weeks of his life, and this is how he showed himself at the press conference after enter the final of a Masters 1000 in Rome for the first time. He beat Denis Shapovalov 6-4, 5-7 and 7-6 (4).

What he had to live the last days and the preparation for the final in response to ESPN Tennis:

“It’s a roller coaster. More than these three days in the last three weeks. I never stopped training in the pandemic. First at my house, then I went back to training nearby when they allowed us, training only with Juan (Chela). After all those efforts, and seeing how bad things are for people in Argentina, you want to do things well and for me to go well, and things did not work out. You get a round trip, I would have done well to train so much, I did the things right or not. And now I’m in this situation and I say how well I prepared everything. It’s a mental back and forth. Fucking I said we’re going to end up very crazy. And madness nobody says if it’s right or wrong, we’re going to finish crazy .

“Now I’m going to eat in a while and have massages. I’m going to lie down in bed for a while. It’s very difficult to fall asleep these days. Sleep doesn’t appear even though I ran a lot. Try to put the cell phone aside because otherwise you won’t fall asleep more. This Monday is going to be a new day. I have to forget everything I did yesterday and today, and think about the final.

About his preparation in the last time:

“There is a huge work that is not seen in the day to day that we all do in individual sport, some more than others. I always sought to improve myself, to have all the best that I could by my side because I know, and I am aware and today it happened to me that I am not going to gain three points in a game with the serve, and that things will be easier for me. That I am going to have to run two or three more balls per point, that I am going to have to be very fine with all my blows because if it can’t happen to me like when I returned to the circuit that when I’m not fine things are difficult. I worked so that when things go well for me, this week happens and things happen to me like mid-2016 until today. which is in my head. This is what I talk to Juan (Chela) and he told me that I was very prepared for when things turn out well. and things will turn out at some point and if not you gave everything to make it happen. Sometimes it hurts When people don’t know about all that one does outside the field, they think that one is walking. and one spends hours and hours working. I have a spectacular job and it is worth the effort. This is what all the people who are next to me instilled in me. “

On the possibility of being top ten:

“I play many things. And at the same time it is my first M1000 final against Djokovic. Last year I played a very good game against him. I hope to repeat a similar game. Try with the experience that I am gaining to take the chances that I can give. I’m going to face a great champion who the only game he lost this year was by disqualification at the US open. It’s going to be more than difficult. I have to quickly forget yesterday and today, as much as I’m happy, I’m going to have time to enjoy when the final is over. You have to go out to win whatever it is, prepare the game as if it were the first round. And hopefully things go well and if they don’t, I know I’m within shot and I feel good back inside from the field”.