Andrada, in 90 Minutes of Soccer: “I don’t lose hope of playing in Europe, but now I only think of Boca”

Andrada, in 90 Minutes of Soccer: "I don't lose hope of playing in Europe, but now I only think of Boca"

Esteban Andrada spoke with 90 Minutes of Soccer and expressed his desire to play in European football, although he acknowledged that he had no offers and his head is on fighting Boca Juniors for CONMEBOL Libertadores.

In this market there was nothing, everything is very stopped. If something comes up, they will analyze it at the club and if they serve us, it will be seen. I don’t lose hope of playing in Europe, but now I only think of Boca. You have to analyze the offers, it is not easy to make a decision from one day to the next. I started to play when I grew up I’m not saved, if I retire today I have to go to work because my family is not very well financially, “said Andrada in the first program of Sebastián Vignolo’s team in ESPN.

“We are in a pandemic and the club behaved 10 with me, it is to go watching. It is not easy to analyze with a supposed offer, I’m fine in Boca, I want to stay, play in the Cup, fight for it and when the interest of a team arrives it will be seen ”, added Sabandija, who arrived at Xeneize in mid-2018 and has already accumulated 67 appearances at the club.

On the other hand, the ex-Lanús praised his teammates for their performance in the resumption of CONMEBOL Libertadores against Libertad: “I was even surprised by the boysI thought it was going to cost a lot more but luckily the opposite. I’m happy with the group that came together, we have to continue down this path ”.



The goalkeeper referred to how he sees Xeneize in CONMEBOL Libertadores and what his aspirations are for the remainder of the group stage.

In addition, given what was the second victory for Group H of Xeneize in CONMEBOL Libertadores, he declared: “I was afraid of missing a pass, of precision. We started from lowest to highest so as not to go crazy, we knew that the game was going to be long. Little by little we gained confidence, which was fundamental for each one of us to reach the level we had ”.

Boca is always a candidate in all competitions for the club and the people it has. We gave a good image but we should not stay with that. Freedom came with parties, with the DIM it will be the same and we must continue on this path. A victory in Colombia can accommodate us in the group and be able to have that location to define at home, “said the Xeneize goalkeeper, who already has 7 points in three games in zone H of CONMEBOL Libertadores, which he shares with DIM, Libertad and Caracas.



“I spoke with Martín (Tocalli) and they told me that they are following me,” revealed the Boca goalkeeper.

“I always think of the National Team, Tocalli (goalkeeping coach) called me and there is the possibility of being cited. If I am on that list, I will be very happy to integrate if I get it ”.

“We knew it was not the same as training personally, but we never stopped. We are picking up pace, I feel like a starter in every place I am ”.

“I think of all the sacrifices I made since I was a kid, but at this point nothing came out. I am calm in Boca, I cannot complain, I will wait and if I stay I will try to fight for the Cup ”.

“I did not speak to the Council, I did not speak anything because there is nothing. I’m thinking about Boca, I’m thinking about the game on Thursday because no offer came and I can’t go ahead to speak or decide something ”.



“When I went out to the street after six months, nobody knew me,” said the Boca goalkeeper at the end of the interview.

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