What a scare! Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa crossed paths in a hotel and everything was recorded

What a scare!  Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa crossed paths in a hotel and everything was recorded

Days away from seeing what is probably the best fight of the year, Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa they met head-on in a hotel. The Nigerian met the Brazilian in the corridors of an accommodation, which was all filmed. Although both were fired with very thick ammunition in the previous UFC 253, showed that professionalism comes first. Clearly they both want to win, but that doesn’t make them enemies of life, only in the Octagon.

Costa’s threats

“If you really think it’s very good, you don’t need to show this kind of thing. And this is what he did when he met a potential competitor, a real competitor like me, as if freezing against Romero. He is used to doing that. He called Jon Jones to fight. And then, when Jon Jones accepted his challenge, he said: ‘no, I’m not ready yet, I need a year or two to gain more weight, to have more muscle to fight Jon Jones’ ”, dictated Coast.

To close with his words, Paul He also expressed: “He already knows he’s in trouble. How can I hurt him, how can I hit him bad. So that’s why I think I stuck my head into it. I’m not worried about him. It’s good, it’s fast, fast. But I also know that it cannot harm me. He can’t deal much damage to me because I’m stronger than him, and he’s not the type of person who comes with a heavy hit, only against hits. So I’m not worried about him for this fight.

Adesanya’s trust

“I am from the city of Lagos, Nigeria. I know how it is in certain countries where money talks, where if you shoot your gun, people act a certain way. I know what it is. You’ve heard stories about Brazil with people rushing to gyms to test people and then not complying with certain things. I just know what it is », began declaring the current champion of the category, who will have a tough defense next Saturday.

At the same time, Israel Adesanya He also asserted the following in this regard: “The time will come when he will have to prove everything he said and we will see how true it is. When we are in the cage there will be no time for lies, just him and me. That will be where we can see how much of what he said is true. I will liquidate it, I have no doubts about that. Thus, all this was put aside when they talked in the corridors of the aforementioned hotel.

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