Tigre vs. Bolívar – Match Report – September 22, 2020

Tiger vs.  Bolívar - Match Report - September 22, 2020

(EFE) – Tigre and Bolívar drew 1-1 in Argentina on the fourth day of Group B of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup and the classification for the round of 16 was served to the Brazilian Palmeiras and Paraguayan Guaraní, who face the Wednesday.

Bolivian goalkeeper Javier Rojas, the figure of the match, stopped Pablo Magnín from a penalty in the injury time.

With this result and after the partial dispute of the fourth day, Palmeiras leads with nine points, followed by Guaraní with six, Bolivar with four and Tigre with just one.

Magnín made it 1-0 in the 17th minute, but Bolívar achieved equality in the 36th minute thanks to Marcos Riquelme and after a rude mistake by goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli.

Bolívar failed to become the first Bolivian team to win a match in Argentina in the history of the Copa Libertadores. At 6 minutes, a good mid-distance shot from Juan Cavallaro forced Rojas to do his best to deflect the ball and send it to the corner kick.

Two minutes later, the La Paz team responded with a shot from Riquelme that hit the post. At 17, Magnín seized a ball that was stinging in the area, after a good stop by Rojas from a mid-range shot, and with a left-footed volley made it 1-0.

At 26, Tigre was saved because a shot from Erwin Saavedra hit the crossbar. Almost instantly, Bolívar had another chance to turn on Leonardo Vaca’s feet, but Marinelli avoided it.

The tie finally reached 36 thanks to an error by Tigre’s goalkeeper, Marinelli, who had the ball dominated and tried to go out playing with a long pass, but the ball hit the foot of the one who marked it, Riquelme, and ended inside the goal.

The first half was exciting, back and forth, with two goals, two balls that hit the sticks and several offensive plays.

At the beginning of the second half, Tigre continued with some defensive problems and Riquelme, who was very close to the second, became one of the figures of the match.

But with the passing of the minutes the local team was increasingly solid and the match was even. If Tigre did not get the winning goal, it was thanks to Rojas, who in the 71st minute picked up a ball that was going to enter the corner of his left post with a great fly.

Marinelli, despite the error in the Bolivar goal, also had an outstanding job and avoided several goals. In the replacement time, Rojas contained a penalty to Magnín.

On the fifth day, Bolívar will visit Palmeiras on September 30 and Tigre will receive Guaraní the next day.

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