Basile: “Di María does not enter the renovation. They are forming a new National Team”

Basile: "Di María does not enter the renovation. They are forming a new National Team"

Alfio Basile spoke exclusively with # 90MinutosESPN and made reference to the controversy over the absence of Ángel Di María in the Argentine National Team, at the high level of River Plate and Boca Juniors, the frustrated departure of Lionel Messi and recalled some moments of his steps for the Albiceleste.

The most outstanding phrases of the Coconut Basile in # 90MinutosESPN:

“The Technical Corps thinks of a renovation. They are preparing for the World Cup. Di María does not enter the renovation. They are forming a new Selection. I didn’t even say goodbye to Suárez over the phone. You have to look at his face and eyes, but he doesn’t have to give Di María any explanation because he never mentioned him. It is not the same as Suárez, who is the third scorer in the history of Barcelona ”.

“We cannot say anything about River, but I cannot grant that Binacional has been champion. Peru had great players in the ’70s and’ 80s. We are not going to reduce what River is, but the rival… River is the best team on the continent. Now Boquita is armed well, let’s see. It’s going to be nice. Racing has a very large team, but I think that hurts it ”.

“I’m a Cholo fan. Tell Tapia to call him for the Selection. They never spoke to him, they never made a firm proposal to him ”.

“I would have liked Messi to change. I would like him to go to the Premier. Messi is more Catalan than everyone. It has to stay there. As I love Messi, I wanted him to win, but it wasn’t easy ”.

“Boca has a very good team and a great coach. He is doing well financially and has Riquelme as a star. The truth is that I believed that Roman was never going to be a manager. What happens is that he is a very intelligent boy. I thought that if I wasn’t DT I was going to be a manager, which is practically what it is.

“I don’t miss the National Team. You have to be alive and know when to leave. I enjoyed it, but I also suffered it. I always had a good selection. The biggest frustration of my life was what happened in ’94. I think we beat Italy and Brazil. Avlange was leaving and Brazil had never won anything. I knew we were going to beat him ”.

“I fanned La Volpe in the locker room so he doesn’t come in with a red tie, but he ignored me.”

“Don’t make me choose between Simeone and Gallardo, don’t make me look like a button.”

“They drove me crazy with Bielsa. I never saw a DT who does not know the language and does lectures. It doesn’t bother me as a technician. Not crazy returned a goal. Do you want me to lie to you and look good? “

“The squad at the last World Cup was the worst. The one from Brazil was beautiful and the one from Pekerman too ”.

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