Crespo, on the error of the fourth referee: “He apologized to me in all languages”

Crespo, on the error of the fourth referee: "He apologized to me in all languages"

Hernán Crespo was happy for the victory of Defense and Justice against Olimpia for the fourth day of CONMEBOL Libertadores and recounted the strange situation he lived with Roberto Tobar, who made a mistake and prevented the local from making the fifth change.

“We all make mistakes and the fourth official missed him. He apologized to us in all languages. It was a big mistake because it could have cost us a lot because we have nothing to spare from the physical. Romero was cramped. Luckily nothing happened. It was difficult, but with a happy ending ”, commented the coach.

On the other hand, Crespo analyzed the victory and pondered the self-esteem of his team: “Perhaps we lacked possession. When we got 2-0 we missed the 3-0 and it got complicated for us. The rival is a great one and throws all the prestige on you. We knew how to sustain it from 2-1. We lacked game volume, but this we will learn. You can pass. There is a lot of emotion in terms of what the players conveyed. What these guys did was something incredible from the game, the guts. It is a very nice message. We can go far ”.

“We said it was almost a sports miracle to qualify and that we were going to appeal to the amateur spirit. The boys are not well, but they give everything they have. That is why happiness, because of how they strive and work. Playing a game against a great one like Olympia is not easy. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we believe a lot in these guys, ”concluded the DT.

The highlights of the conference by Daniel Garnero, Olimpia coach:

“In the first half we started well. We managed to interrupt the opponent’s actions and unfortunately we couldn’t score. They did it and left more relaxed. The team at its best receives the second goal, they threw us a player. We went forward with more drive than game trying to tie and we couldn’t do it ”.

“I do not consider that he was cautious. We play against an opponent who is strong in possession. At times we succeed and at others not.

“Jorge Recalde is very well and is looking to get a rhythm. Today he entered an uncomfortable moment ”.

“Defense is a team that generates a lot of circulation eleven against eleven and with one less we did not surrender, but it did not reach us.”

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