Fernando Alonso

In the last days Fernando Alonso revisited the equipment factory Renault. In this way, you became an official Formula 1 driver again after two years. The Asturian will return to the team that saw him born and thus be able to ‘close the cycle’, which began in 2002, in the same team.

In the last hours, Fernando Alonso gave an interview to a Spanish media, where he answered several questions. Among them, the Asturian rider commented on what the objectives are in his first year with the French team, and why he decided to return to the top flight, taking into account that he has several commitments outside of it.

The two-time world champion commented that although he is in Formula 1 to win, he is aware that he does not have a car for that. “As I always say, when the traffic light turns green we all have a competitive animal and we are going to want to win, you want titles, podiums … you want everything, but I am aware of the limitations and the difficulty that we are going to have,” said Alonso

In addition, Alonso responded about what was the reason that woke up his old woman to the category. «I return to F1 simply because I love driving and it is a category that comes out more or less unscathed from the pandemic, with its limitations, and with a very powerful brand. I return to a team that makes me very excited, which has been like my family, “said the Spaniard.

Finally, Alonso believes that his chances of winning a third title with Renault are slim, at least in 2021. “I would like to say yes, but I am aware of the limitations, especially in 2021, there I know not. In 2022 it is a coin to the air that many teams are throwing: Red bull, Renault, Ferrari or Aston martin. Everybody thinks that it is going to be the year that everything is going to change and it is going to revolutionize F1, hopefully that is the case, but no one knows for sure what is going to happen, “concluded Alonso.

The Asturian shared this image on his social networks. Source: Instagram Fernando Alonso