Does the pre heat up? Paulo Costa revealed a curious fact about Israel Adesanya

Does the pre heat up?  Paulo Costa revealed a curious fact about Israel Adesanya

He UFC 253 gets closer and the anxiety grows more and more to see the fight between Israel Adesanya Y Paulo Costa, which will be on Saturday. The Nigerian who is undefeated champion faces a Brazilian who arrives in the same way, without defeats. Both have said everything in the previous one and they even crossed paths at the hotel in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, the South American was honest about what happened and revealed a striking fact about his opposite.

First of all, I think he’s a counter-striker. Everybody here saw him when he fought Romero. If a guy doesn’t push him, he won’t kick him out. He stood up, the guy came for him. So I’m going to try to push him, to get him into the fight, but if he avoids the fight I won’t chase him all the time. I will go back to the middle, cut the angles and try to make the fight happen, ”he began warning the Nigerian, explaining his strategies.

Regarding his agility and way of hitting, Paul he clarified how he will defeat it. This being the case, he advised the following: “That’s exactly what I try to show everyone, but people have some thoughts that he’s the sniper and I’m just the tough guy who throws heavy punches, but I’m not. . My shots are ‘in the right direction to go.’ »He is clearly not afraid of the undefeated champion and wants to dethrone him.

Only sale?

«I don’t know what happened because her personality changed a lot, it was different before. Because the Adesanya I saw on a video conference he was a very disrespectful guy, he showed me his middle fingers all the time. But when I met him upstairs, he was very kind, very gentlemen. When I saw him I was sincerely expecting another kind of man. I understand that it is their way of selling », Costa highlighted, about the crossing they had at the hotel.

“For him, he came and shook his hand and asked me: ‘How do you feel? You feel good? Well I’m fine. He said, ‘You look great.’ So it’s OK. If he changed, that’s fine. There is nothing, ”explained Paulo Costa, through a Portuguese translator. “I am not Vitor and Israel is not Anderson. It will be a totally different fight and I am going to do everything possible so that I am the one who keeps the belt, “concluded the Brazilian.

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