Lucas Ocampos scored but Sevilla lost to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Super Cup

Lucas Ocampos scored but Sevilla lost to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Super Cup

Lucas Ocampos He was one of the most outstanding footballers in the grand final of the UEFA Super Cup what took Bayern Munich 2-1 against Sevilla.

The Argentine had a lot of participation and was one of the most active of his team, in addition to having scored the only goal, a penalty.

His greatest participation in the first half was in the defensive phase, involved in the pressure of the first minutes and helping on the left wing Sergio Escudero to take care of the increases of Benjamin Pavard and what Leroy Sane did.

His main contribution was undoubtedly the goal. At 12 minutes, Ocampos took over the penalty committed against Ivan Rakitic and converted it safely to the right of Manuel Neuer, fooling the German archer by looking to one side and finishing the other.

In attack he was quite imprecise, with little contact with the ball and without being able to gravitate to one on one.

At the beginning of the complement, a clear chance began with a luxury cue pass, which ended with a shot from De Jong, cleared by Neuer.

Much more precise and pungent in the second half, although as the minutes passed Sevilla lost control of the ball again and was not seen as active.

With the entry of Nemanja Gudelj, Ocampos went to the right wing and from there he pivoted a couple of times receiving harsh fouls.

In the 90th minute he put together a great individual action, with a pipe included and a yellow provoked by Lucas Hernández, by a strong kick.

In the supplementary, the attacker remained more by desire and effort than by football, after a tremendous physical display in defense and attack.

At the start of the second supplementary he sent a great center that Escudero could not take advantage of.

At 93 minutes Franco Vázquez made his entry for Joan Jordan, but did not have a greater participation in attack.

The other Argentine who did not see action was Marcos Acuña, one of the brand new additions, who remained in the substitute bench.

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