Hearn aún mantiene optimismo de que Canelo pelee en 2020 contra Callum o Saunders

Eddie hearn, promoter of Callum smith Y Billy joe saunders, remains optimistic that his fighters can face this 2020 to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, despite the demand that the Mexican fighter maintains against DAZN Y Golden boy.

“I think the plan is still that the Canelo I fought in November, or at least this year, “he said. Hearn to Sky Sports. “If so, I have my fingers crossed that they choose Callum (Smith) or Billy (Joe Saunders)“.

The legal process between the Canelo, DAZN Y Golden boy, greatly reduced the chances of the Canelo fight in 2020. And even if both parties decide to settle their differences in court, the process could drag on for all of 2021.

However, Hearn remains optimistic that everything will work out.

“I hope everything is resolved and we can see the Canelo back in the ring, “he said Hearn. “He is one of the biggest stars in world boxing, and a great fighter. We want to see him back in the ring, particularly since the two fights that are available to him with Callum smith Y Billy joe saunders, two of our boys. I want them to have a chance to fight him Canelo“.

In the event that the legal process of the Canelo not resolved, Hearn he wants his two fighters to meet in a unification. Callum smith is the super champion of the AMB at 168 pounds, and Saunders is the monarch OMB in the same category.

However, he recognizes that in the short term, this unification is a difficult fight to finalize.

“If it is not fixed (the problem of Canelo), both should face (Smith Y Saunders) ”, Thinks Hearn. “But if there are no fans (in the arena), how can we do Smith against Saunders? “

In the immediate future, the priority for Hearn is to get rivals to your two fighters. Although he also believes that some rivals cannot be considered without fans present.

“Right now, it’s about keeping both fighters active, but also recognizing that some fighters would look better in 2021,” he said. Hearn.

That is why the promoter clings to optimism. Expect the issue of Canelo is resolved, and can face one of his fighters.