Maravilla Martínez accepts the reasons for looking for Murata to be champion and not Canelo, GGG or Charlo

Maravilla Martínez acepta las razones de buscar a Murata para ser campeón y no a Canelo, GGG o Charlo

Sergio “Wonder” Martinez assures that he returned to boxing to be a world champion again and not so much to do exhibition fights, and accepts the reasons why he is looking for Ryota murata to meet that goal and does not seek Golovkin, Canelo or Charlo.

“Honestly, I think I need at least two fights to know where I am,” he said. Martinez to Alvaro Carrera of ACE. “And maybe three to be able to dispute a world (title) against a rival like Ryota murata. I do not say Golovkin, Canelo or Charlo. He is on a somewhat lower level and I think I will be ready for him in that time. I imagine that by the end of 2021 it can be ready ”.

Ryota murata is the regular champion of the AMB at 160 pounds, and Wonder Martinez assures that he has already spoken with the president of the AMB, Gilberto mendoza. The leader promised him support from the agency to achieve the objective. And, for now, the AMB already placed Martinez ranked sixth in the category on their latest listings.

“In a chat on social networks with my friend Gilberto mendoza, told me that if I made three serious fights, I would get a chance before Murata“, Revealed Martinez. “I was setting small goals and this was the ultimate push to look high. In addition, the belt of that organization I have never won and I think it would be the perfect opportunity to at least try to achieve it.

At the end of last August, Sergio returned to boxing at the age of 45 in a fight where he knocked out in the seventh round a Jose Miguel Fandiño in Torrelavega, Spain.

The look of Martinez it is, in the immediate, centered in the boxing of competition and not of exhibition. That is why when in the interview with ACE they propose to Oscar de la hoya as a possible rival, Martinez does not show much enthusiasm.

“In boxing nothing can be ruled out,” he replied. Martinez. “It would be an honor, it is a legend, but the mind is set elsewhere. If before that possibility can be given (go for the world title before Murata) would be pleased”.

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