Teasing Wilder, Tyson Fury introduced his new gym

Con burlas a Wilder, Tyson Fury presentó su nuevo gimnasio

Tyson fury He presented the new gym he installed in his home and showed off a large mural where he is connecting to Deontay Wilder with “the right hand that shook the world.” He took the opportunity with his coach to mock the American.

Was Sugarhill steward who made the presentation of the gym in a video posted on the social networks of Tyson Fury.

“I’m here in Britain to see the beautiful new gym in Tyson fury“, He said Steward in the video. “They are going to be surprised with the way it is set up. H-ay lots of vibrant photos on the wall, and it’s just like Emmanuel steward I would have. It reminds me a lot of the office I had in Detroit in the 80s and 90s, so it has a touch of class. “

Taunting Wilder’s Accusations That Tyson Fury Carried The Gloves

And then they show the great mural that Tyson fury installed on one of the walls. Show own Fury connecting a right to Deontay Wilder, which was the one that hurt the American. You listen to Fury in the video say that it was “the right hand that shook the world.”

AND Steward continued making the presentation, supporting what was said by Fury.

“There is a great photo of the coup that Tyson connected him to Deontay Wilder“, He described Steward. “And that was the right hand that changed the world.

It is at that moment where Fury Y Steward, they begin to make fun of the accusations that the brother of Deontay Wilder.

At the end of last June, Marcellus wilder explained what doctors told him about a fissure found in his brother’s skull Deontay. They specified that this fissure could only occur with the blow of a solid and blunt object. And in their social networks, Marcellus wilder accused Fury of having loaded his gloves to hurt his brother.

So when Steward describes the mural with the right hand that connects him Fury to Wilder, it is Tyson who starts the joke.

“Check that there is nothing in the gloves,” he says Fury to Steward.

And the coach touches the photo on the glove part, and responds.

“There is nothing, but the autopsy says there was a metal object in the gloves,” he concluded Steward.

Newly completed mural

Tyson fury presented the newly completed mural. And it is that, just a few hours before, the artist John culshaw published in his account Instagram a photo where he poses next to Fury, and announces that he finished the mural in the gym of the English champion.

Fury starts preparation for third fight with Wilder

With the presentation of its new gym, Tyson fury informed that the preparation camp starts, heading for the third fight against Deontay Wilder.

In past days, Bob arum reported that the tentative date for the third fight is December 19 at the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas.

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