Tyson Fury is BoxRec’s second best Libra Libra and celebrated it

Tyson Fury es el segundo mejor Libra Libra de BoxRec y así lo celebró

Tyson fury appears placed as the second best fighter Libra by Libra in the world in the list of BoxRec, just behind Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

The English fighter celebrated when he learned of the fact with a publication in Twitter made this Tuesday.

With a fist emoji and a screenshot of the listing, he was like the heavyweight world champion of the CMB he celebrated knowing that he is in second place in the ranking.

Tyson Fury and BoxRec’s atypical Pound for Pound ranking

And it is that, the place that Tyson fury should rank in the Libra for Pound listings has been the subject of debate. Magazine The Ring, which features the most prestigious and traditional Libra for Libra listing, doesn’t even include it in the top 10. ESPN, on the other hand, places Fury as the sixth best.

At the time, the magazine The Ring, argued the reasons why his panel did not consider that Tyson fury had enough merits to be in the top 10 Libra for Libra fighters.

That is why it is surprising that BoxRec include it in second place. But certainly the ranking of BoxRec It has always been the most outlier of all the Libra for Libra listings.

And is that BoxRec uses a mathematical system to evaluate the fighters, and not subjective criteria. In any fight BoxRec It awards a certain amount of points for the way it is won, whether it is by knockout, unanimous, majority or split decision. The accumulation of these points is what generates the rating for a fighter.

If that fighter faces an opponent with a rating similar or higher, your rating has a multiplier. So, beating a good fighter generates more points than beating a less good fighter.

For example, fighters who in the magazine ranking The Ring occupy places 2, 3 and 4, as Vasiliy Lomachenko, Naoya inoue, and Terence crawford, in the ranking of BoxRec they go down to 9, 23 and 6, respectively.

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