Orlando “Siri” Salido, his triumph over Lomachenko and why he should enter the Hall of Fame

Orlando Salido, el triunfo sobre Lomachenko y las razones por las que el Siri debe entrar al Salón de la Fama

Orlando “Siri” Exited has the merits to be in the Hall of Fame of boxing. And to argue for it, we have to answer a series of questions.

Did you do enough in your career to be in that select group? Will his number of defeats be an impediment to achieve it? Those are questions I often ask myself and I know a lot of fans will ask the same thing.

The Mexican Orlando “Siri” Exited, who culminated his career with a record of 44 wins, 14 losses, 4 draws, and 31 knockouts, has more hits than asterisks on his way to be part of the boxing glories that remained immortal in Canastota.

1. The number of defeats of the Siri Salido is not decisive

The first question that many fans will ask is his 14 losses. But will that be an impediment to being exalted? The answer is no.

There are many, many cases of boxers who have been integrated and have many more defeats than Stepped out, especially boxers from the past. For example, the case of the person born in Puerto Rico, Herbert Lewis Hardwick Arroyo, better known as Cocoa kid, who was defeated 58 times. But his victories and defeats before the best boxers of his time, placed him in that prestigious group. And that he was never a world champion.

We could also mention the Mexican Baby arizmendi, who lost 28 times. However, he has great victories against one of the best boxers of his time and history, such as Henry Armstrong.

We could also mention what many consider the best boxer of all time, Sugar ray robinson, who lost 19 bouts. Anyway, there are many examples.

There are boxers with multiple defeats, but in whom we have to review the circumstances in which they occurred. Stepped outFor example, he lost seven and drew two in his first 20 fights. He has said that in those days he was hungry and only fought when called.

The same happened to Pacquiao, that his first two defeats were due to trying hard to make weight and starving for more, and after his second defeat he went up two divisions and the rest is history. In the case of Robinson, 14 of his losses were after his 35 years, and many of these, against champions or high-level boxers. It should be noted that Robinson he fought until he was 44 years old.

In those days, courage and rivals you faced, won or lost, were valued. Hypothetically speaking, if the Siri Stepped out outside the 1950s, their income would almost certainly be.

2. The epic fights and the bloody battles

If today they bought the race of Stepped out with the deceased Arturo GattiWithout detracting from the Italian descendant, the Mexican is much better. And that, including also the brutal wars that have already become classics.

Of the Siri, just go over their fights before Juanma Lopez, Rocky martinez, Christopher Cruz, “Bandit” Vargas. And very especially, that classic before Terdsak Jandaeng, where in total there were 7 falls in 11 rounds, three of Stepped out and four of Jandaeng, who no longer joined the last one.

3. The “great victory” over Vasyl Lomachenko

Stepped out he also had his “great victory.” And that was on March 1, 2014, when he defeated who today is one of the best Libra for Libra and considered a supernatural: Vasyl Lomachenko.

There will always be detractors, especially the “Mamachenkos”, who will say that this fight deserved to win Lomachenko, and that the Ukrainian was very green to fight the Mexican in just his second fight as a professional. Or they argue that Stepped out he was very dirty fighting, he used too many low blows; and that in addition, he arrived two and a quarter pounds over the weight, which he did not want to lose.

Many of those claims may be true. But neither can we detract from him for the forms of his victory. Simply, Orlando Salido he imposed his style on the Ukrainian. If you were disqualified for being a “dirty” boxer, you would never have been exalted Sandy saddler, Eusebio Pedroza or the same Bernard Hopkins.

Every achievement you get today Lomachenko, will value the victory of Stepped out about him. And that will give you more credits to be entered. It’s one of those career-defining victories against top-level rivals.

4. How heavy are the asterisks on Siri?

Among the asterisks that the Siri Stepped out, in addition to the circumstances of his victory against Lomachenko, was the positive that he threw in doping, after his fight against Robert Guerrero.

In that fight Stepped out He was victorious, but then the result was changed to “No Contest”, when testing positive for the steroid nandrolone. But in boxing they don’t usually penalize people who test positive for the Hall of Fame like baseball does, for example.

If boxing penalized that, ya Canelo was disqualified for the use of his “carnitas”, or Mike tyson he would never have been admitted for accepting that he was flouting drug tests using a “fake penis.”

5. Siri Salido stood out without great support from promoters

Some say that to be inducted into the Hall of Fame the main requirement is to be famous and not necessarily have a great boxing career. And I think that sometimes is true. When you see that they have not included boxers of the stature of Jose Luis Castillo Y Wilfredo Vazquez, makes you doubt what the requirements are.

In conclusion, my opinion is yes. Orlando Salido has the race to be chosen. What I have noticed is that boxers who have been linked to great international promoters, inclusion is easier for them. In that sense for me it is a strong point for Stepped out, which could stand out without having a promoter of the “giants”. And above all, he defeated “stars” like Juanma Lopez or Lomachenko, who were linked to Top rank, one of the most prestigious promoters in history.

Yes, Orlando Salido I should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but I know it will be hard to get there.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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