Franco Sábato: “Our next goal is to try to reunite with the entire squad”

Franco Sábato: "Our next goal is to try to reunite with the entire squad"

The preparation of Pumas 7’s and those led by Santiago Gomez Cora They will meet from next Monday at Casa Pumas, the field where the teams of the Argentina Rugby Union in Escobar. With the players residing in Buenos Aires, the Argentines will start a new phase of training, in view of the 2021 competitions, with the Tokyo Olympics, as the ultimate goal.

It is almost three months since Pumas 7’s received permission to return to practice, in the National Center for High Performance Sports (CENARD). Franco Sábato, one of the referents, referred to the current situation of the campus and told his feelings: “Personally I feel very good, returning to recover a little the physical part, which had been lost a little by the pandemic. In my case, I am in the last stage of my shoulder, product of a surgery performed five months ago. I’m in the final details of that recovery as well ”.

“On the mental side, very good, training all together. That was very good for the head, to go back to the usual routine, get up early, get together with the team. At the same time, we are putting more than anything into the physical part, tuning the body and focused on having a body fit to compete again and play rugby. Also training passing skills and making friends again with the ball ”, added the player who emerged in Alumni.

Further, Saturday stated: “As for the next target to fulfill, try to meet with the whole campus, including the guys who are in their provinces. That in the short term. To be able to start playing rugby again and get fully into the game system. In the long term, arriving at next year’s competitions in the best way, with a good physical and rugby base, and then yes at the time of contesting the Tokyo Olympics, be at the maximum peak as a group “

Lautaro Bazán Vélez, Santiago Mare and Matías Osadczuk, who meet Argentina XV in Uruguay to dispute the 4 South American Nations, they will join the squad once the competition is over.

Source: UAR

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