I knew what was going to happen! Israel Adesanya shot Paulo Costa: “He’s a fool”

I knew what was going to happen!  Israel Adesanya shot Paulo Costa: "He's a fool"

After retaining the belt and proving that he is the best Middleweight ever, Israel Adesanya it was controversial. In the UFC 253, the Nigerian knocked out Paulo Costa in the second round and left a masterful image in the octagon of «the island of the fight». The Brazilian had threatened a lot in the previous one, but the current champion is really very strategic and did not let it enter his head.

This being the case, “The last style bender” assured that he knew everything that the South American would seek to do in the cage this Saturday. From her arrogant attitude, to the attempt to show that the blows she received did not hurt. At the same time, he was also sure how it would be kept in the cage, with a style somewhat different from usual. Therefore, the Nigerian could take advantage, dominating until the close of the fight.

“After the first round,” Israel said, when asked by the press about when he learned that the fight was his. «I was so cool. I looked and could see that he was sitting. In the second round, their antics, what they want, they want me to stay there. Come, come on, why are you running, come here. They just want me to stay there so you can hit me. I realized everything and was able to control it, “said the reigning Middleweight champion.

Praises himself

I’m not stupid, I’m not stupid either. I told you he’s dumb. I’m smart. I understand your shit game * It wasn’t smart and I was. I took advantage of every stupid mistake he had in the cage. I knew exactly that this would happen and how I was going to act “, he reviewed Adesanya, making it clear what he thinks of the Brazilian who knocked out in the second round of UFC 253. A few days having passed, he continues to celebrate his defense.

To close, Israel Adesanya highlighted his present: “This was my 100th win in combat sports everywhere. Listen, one fight, two fights, three fights, four fights, five fights, six fights, up to a fucking hundred. I have had over 100 fights. I’m not a baby, I’m the king in this game I’ve been in this sh * t for a long time. I have been a God for a long time. I am still fresh. I am 31 years old. I look like I’m 26 years old. I am still fresh and will continue to be.

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