It feels better and better! Brandon Royval wants to fight for the UFC title

It feels better and better!  Brandon Royval wants to fight for the UFC title

Brandon royval Y Kai Kara-France were the ones who encouraged and heated up the star billboard of UFC 253, leaving what to talk about. The American was just the winner and left an impressive image in Abu Dhabi. His jiu jitsu is truly majestic and he got one of the best finishes of the night. In fact, it was the best fight so far, although it was a shame that the three rounds did not last, because of the magnificent performance they both gave.

Royval He was able to jump up and settle on his opponent’s neck, which quickly caused his opponent to fall to the ground. There, beyond trying to get out of the tap, Brandon got her to cover and took home a win. With this, the victor was happy, after winning both of his UFC fights by submission in the second round. Now, there is a great illusion with him, after what he could leave in the most important cage in the world.

It should be noted that this new victory leaves him very well positioned, knowing that he can reach stellar positions in the ranking, which will surely bring him closer to better fights and prizes. Although having already been in the stars is a great achievement, his goal is to be the contest of the night and be able to reach the division title. This Saturday delighted many, who are already asking for it again to see it before the end of the year.

His words

I feel like I’m here. I’m ready to take control of this place. I’m here. I feel like I’m competing. I know I should have been in the UFC a long time ago. I feel like I could have been tearing all these guys apart. That being said, I think I can take all these guys who are ranked ahead of me. I can compete with all these guys, ”he began by saying at the press conference after the event ended.

Then, analyzing what is coming for him and knowing that it can be lethal in the Octagon, Brandon royval he was encouraged to ask his next opponent. «I want (Askar) Askarov or I want (Jussier) Formiga. I think in the first one, I got more rocked than anything. The second was unbalanced. I think I was kicking or something and then I got smoked on that one, but it was more unbalanced than anything. It wasn’t like I was going out, “she said.

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