Josh Taylor and Jermell Charlo: So were two strange knockouts with body shots on Saturday

Josh Taylor y Jermell Charlo: Así fueron dos extraños nocauts con golpes al cuerpo del sábado

On Saturday there were two knockouts in a strange way with body shots that did not seem to take much, but that left the rival on the canvas to no longer continue, one was the knockout that he applied Josh taylor to Apinun Khongsong in England, and the other, that of Jermell Charlo to Jeison Rosario in United States.

Josh Taylor’s knockout of Khongsong in the same first round

In England, Josh taylor exhibited his WBA and IBF super lightweight world championship belts against the Thai Apinun Khongsong.

And the strange knockout that the Englishman gave was in the same first round, in a fight that had been even in the few minutes that it lasted. In a hug, Taylor managed to get away, and without giving time to Khongsong regrouping he was over and managed to connect a left hand that knocked down the Thai.

The blow seemed to enter the liver area and perhaps a little higher, in the ribs. At first, the blow did not seem hard. But Khongsong he was writhing on the canvas. The count was up, she made no attempt to get up, and it would be a couple more minutes before she could recover.

Already in the repetitions, it is possible to better appreciate the forcefulness of the blow that entered precisely in the ribs of the Thai.

“It was a good shot that knocked out Apinun Khongsong“, He said Taylor in statements reported by the magazine Boxing News. “I felt it (the blow) when I nailed it, I felt in my arm as if I had thrown the ribs up to his back. I definitely valued it on the ribs. I knew he did that in hugs, he always lets go by throwing punches, and I thought I could go under his hook. Super that it was a good blow, but I knew the size of the blow until I saw it lying on the ground. It must have gotten everything out of her lungs. It fell like a sack of potatoes ”.

One of the attractions of seeing in action Josh taylor is that he has two world title belts in the super lightweight, that of the AMB and that of the FIB. The other two belts, the CMB and the OMB, he has them Jose Ramirez. Much has been speculated about a possible unification between the two, to find the undisputed champion of the super lightweight.

RamirezHowever, he didn’t seem too impressed by the strangeness of the knockout.

“I didn’t see the fight, but apparently there was nothing to see,” he said. Ramirez in statements that reported Boxing Scene.

The peculiar knockout of Jermell Charlo to Jeison Rosario

The other strange knockout of the day was given to him Jermell charlo to Jeison Rosario in a unifying fight. It was a fight in which Charlo put his world super welterweight championship at stake CMB, while rosary beads He exhibited his IBF and WBA titles.

It had been a competitive fight, though Charlo had already managed to knock down twice rosary beads in the first seven rounds

The denouement came with the first action of the eighth round. The first movement of Jermell charlo It was a jab up, and he immediately repeated it down. The second jab went to the stomach. Y rosary beads it collapsed abruptly. Lying on the canvas, and in obvious agony, rosary beads He struggled to draw air, completely suffocated, his legs did not respond to try to get up. When he could roll over to his knees, he collapsed again, complaining of pain in his stomach.

the same Jermell charlo talked about the strangeness of the way he killed a champion like rosary beads.

“I think it was a bit of a consequence of the blows I had already landed on him,” he said. Charlo after the fight. “The body shot came in at a very specific point. It looked like he was convulsing at the end of the count. He gave him the best. Any man who steps into the ring has my respect. We try to feed our families, and this is the way we do it. I hope he recovers and returns ”.

A few minutes later, at the post-fight press conference, Jermell charlo he talked about the knockout again.

“I’ve never seen him like this, and I don’t think anyone in boxing has seen anything like this,” he said. Charlo. “Something must have seriously hurt him before that in the previous rounds. I think that’s it, but I don’t know. I had never seen anything like it”.

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