Murray’s future, in the words of the Scot, after the fall at Roland Garros

Murray's future, in the words of the Scot, after the fall at Roland Garros

He had his worst defeat in a tournament of the Grand Slam, but Andy Murray he made no excuses. Despite Stan Wawrinka’s 6-3, 6-1 and 6-2 against the Scotsman, he put aside the climatic factors and added unknowns to his future.

Many players have criticized the conditions at Roland Garros, which is being played in atypical colder and wetter weather, due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the introduction of a newer and heavier ball has also generated some complaints. However, they were not conditioning for the Briton: “I don’t feel like that’s a valid reason,” Murray said. “Maybe you don’t enjoy the games as much, but not in terms of affecting performance. The conditions weren’t that bad. At the time we went out on the court you could play, the court was not wet, but obviously the The balls are very heavy, it becomes difficult to play tennis. As there was no wind, the context was not bad at all. “

It should be remembered that it was his first appearance on a clay court since June 2017, since then came the hip injury that almost led to retirement. “Obviously, it is going to be difficult for me to get to the level of before. I am 33 years old, I became number one in the world, it is difficult to accept all the problems that I have had. But I will keep trying.”

In addition, he was asked about the possibility of changing his way of playing, thinking about not suffering so much wear and tear and being able to stretch his career: “When I have done my best tennis it has not been constantly looking for winning shots or serve and volley. Maybe if I started to doing that would be successful, but it seems almost impossible for me to change a style of play so radically. I feel like I can continue to compete with my style. I did it in Asia last year, in Antwerp, where I won the tournament. I didn’t change my style there I was just aggressive and could play with intensity. I have contemplated changing the style, but I know that when I am right and I am offensive from the back of the court, I can give myself the opportunity to play great tennis. “

And his agenda ?: “Definitely, I have to think a lot about what happened. I have to analyze what has happened, I don’t think the conditions can be an excuse to explain my bad game.” It should be remembered that the two new indoor ATPs that will take place in Cologne next month are in the pipeline. “I am going to prepare well for the indoor tour, I would like to participate in the ATP Cup and arrive in Australia in time to prepare well for the Open.”

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