How Jermall Charlo became the great historical rival for Canelo in the coming years

Cómo se convirtió Jermall Charlo en el gran rival histórico para Canelo en los próximos años

And so suddenly Jermall charlo took a giant leap to become the great antagonist of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in the next few months, and perhaps years. Charlo overcame by unanimous decision Sergiy Derevyanchenko, and with that, he went from being a champion fighter to a stellar one. And furthermore, on his way to being one of the most recognizable faces in boxing at 160 and possibly 168 pounds.

Jermall Charlo tamed a lion

Sergiy Derevyanchenko is, next to Austin trout, the most important name among the hair that Jermall charlo has in their cabinets. Although the Ukrainian was by no means a custard or an easy fighter, Jermall charlo He surpassed it in everything. In technique, in speed, in endurance, in courage, in command of the ring.

Derevyanchenko he’s a lion, and he’s already proven it. He is a tough fighter to beat. And yet Jermall charlo he could control it not easily, but clearly. In a fight of that level, no more is expected. The three judges agreed to give Charlo the same eight rounds, in a clear display of dominance.

It was a victory that added credibility, respect and star to the career of Jermall charlo.

The Golovkin factor for Jermall Charlo

Derevyanchenko gave two big fights to Daniel Jacobs already Gennady Golovkin. GGG, for example, he had many more problems against the Ukrainian than he had Charlo. Even his own Sergiy and his team assure that the judges gave the victory undeservedly to Golovkin.

In other words, before a common rival like Derevyanchenko, Jermall charlo was seen superior to Gennady Golovkin. And although in boxing A + B is not always equal to C, Charlo showed that if it was better than Golovkin versus Derevyanchenko, then it also showed that it is for great things.

But in today’s boxing promotion business, winning fights and championships is not enough to guarantee a ticket to millionaire mega-fights.

It is true that before Derevyanchenko, Jermall charlo gave his personal best a boost with a solid win on a highly anticipated card. However, he is not a megastar yet, although he has all the boxing skills to be one.

And to be, Charlo He has to beat a megastar, a premium fighter. And that rival can be Gennady Golovkin.

In building a mega fight against Canelo, Jermall charlo would have a great proof against Gennady Golovkin. If you win, Jermall will become a megastar, and a name that can generate before the Canelo a multi-million dollar fight.

There is the historical rival for DAZN and the premium fighter for DAZN

With the triumph of Jermall charlo Saturday before Sergiy Derevyanchenko, they all turned around looked at the Canelo to see how he reacted. But the Mexican has been silent on his social networks. However, there is the script to follow. And it is a script that has been writing itself.

DAZN rejected Golden boy and to Canelo the proposal of rivals like Callum smith or Billy joe saunders because I didn’t consider them premium. And they are good fighters, world champions, but DAZN made it clear that what he required of the Canelo They weren’t necessarily champions, but subscription sales. For DAZNThese champions are fighters who don’t sell because the occasional public doesn’t know them.

For that public to know a champion, you have to put that champion on the big billboards. And the key for Jermall charlo get the fight against Canelo, we said, it could be a fight Jermall against Golovkin.

After offering the Canelo a gigantic contract, DAZN he has faltered due to the lack of selling rivals to justify the amount paid to the Mexican fighter.

And suddenly, from one week to the next, it seems that DAZN has found a rival who, if he gets along, can represent that historic rivalry for the last three or four years in the career of the Canelo.

Let’s not forget that the Canelo He turned 30 last July, and on a normal yield curve, he would have about three or four years left at the top. And with Gennady Golovkin a few months away from turning 39, and after a year lost to him Canelo, the Mexican must turn to the other side to find that archrival to culminate his career.

But it must also be said that the fight between the Canelo Y Jermall charlo it is not something that can be done soon. Charlo fight with the promoter PBC, which in turn, has transmission agreements with Showtime Y FOX. He Canelo, on the other hand, despite the litigation it holds with both entities, it is with the promoter Golden boy and the transmission platform DAZN. Many parties who want their cut of the business would be involved in the negotiations.

The relationships between Golden boy Y PBC They arent good. However, Oscar de la hoya ensures that in 2019 he made an offer to Jermall charlo to fight with him Canelo, but that was rejected. Most likely, according to From the pot, the offer was rejected by the developer PBC and not by the fighter himself.

For this reason, the fight between Jermall charlo and the Canelo It does not seem like something that can be done in 2021. But in that 2021, there may be fights of Golovkin against him Canelo Y Charlo, which would greatly help marinate a fight between Charlo and the Canelo; and also, it would boost the name and brand of Jermall charlo towards global recognition.

For now, there it is. Jermall charlo has just positioned itself as the historic rival for the final stretch of the Canelo.

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