Tyson Fury explica por qué se equivoca Whyte al tomar revancha con Povetkin a tres meses del brutal nocaut

Tyson fury think that Dillian whyte is wrong to take revenge with Alexander Povetkin just three months after the brutal knockout.

“My personal opinion,” he explained Fury in interview for IFL TV, “And from having been in boxing all my life, from studying it, it is very early for a rematch.”

The heavyweight world champion CMB think that by the way Whyte was knocked out is that it requires more time before returning to the ring against the Russian.

“Taking a fight just a few weeks after they knocked you out and knocked you unconscious, which disconnected you,” he adds. Fury, “I don’t think it’s long enough to recover from a damaging knockout like that.”

Y Fury gives credit to Alexander Povetkin, a fighter who has always been on the frontier of the heavyweight elite.

Povetkin It is an old workhorse ”, he acknowledges Fury. “He’s been in war and he’s been flying, and he’s always dangerous. He’s got a good punch, and he owns one of the best left hooks in the business.

In that fight Dillian Whyte had already knocked down twice Povetkin, and in the opinion of Fury maybe he was very eager to go over the Russian to want to finish it and that’s why the knockout came.

“Obviously he was going to finish it, but bang, they finished him (Whyte)”, Explain Fury. “It happens in heavyweight boxing. You can have a kilometer of advantage in a fight in the heavy, and bam, everything changes. “

Fury believes that in the second fight he had against Deontay Wilder something similar happened, a bad one that changed the course of the fight.

“As you could see, in my case against Deontay Wilder it was very similar. So it can happen ”, he says Fury. “In heavyweight boxing, you’re one shot from disaster, or one shot from glory, either.”

Even, Tyson fury does not believe that Whyte have made a mistake.

“From what I saw, Dillian whyte he did nothing wrong, “he explains Fury. “They just turned it on and that’s it.”

The English think that receiving a blow that changes a fight is part of boxing, and it is part of the heavy.

“How can you train for something like that?” Fury. “It’s boxing, and they are going to beat you. It’s like wanting to bathe and not get wet. How can you guarantee that you will not get hit? That does not see to happen ”.