Impeccable! Irene Aldana showed her physique in the networks and is excited about Saturday’s fight

Impeccable!  Irene Aldana showed her physique in the networks and is excited about Saturday's fight

Irene Aldana, the great Mexican UFC fighter, uploaded a post to her Instagram account and is all the rage on social media. Days from her fight against Holly holm, the Latina showed her physique, which is impeccable. After suffering from COVID-19, her health has really improved and is in excellent shape for what is to come on “Fight Island.” Knowing that the virus did not have a good time, she is excited about beating the American blonde.

“It was difficult at first when I was recovering from the virus, when I started training again. It was difficult because I got tired very quickly. It seemed that the virus was leaving lingering effects. Even though it was negative, I would feel fatigued. Maybe I was not 100 percent, but that only lasted a week and a half, two weeks, and then my body returned to normal, “she commented, about her contagion of coronavirus.

“I started to feel much better and my body was responding well. I had a very complete training ground, and I was able to do it 100 percent. It was tough, and well done in all areas. I am 100 percent ready for the fight. The fight is much bigger and also because it is happening in Abu Dhabi, so there is more attention, “he said a few hours ago, expressing his improvement.

His illusion is latent

Regarding what is coming and how it has happened these days because of COVID-19, Irene mentioned the following: “And yes, I think it is very interesting and very exciting that more people are watching the event. This is how it goes. It’s very strange. This sport makes you feel a lot of adrenaline and makes you feel a lot of things. Nerves will always exist. You’re nervous about things maybe not working the way you want and anything that can go wrong.

But to be honest, I’m really enjoying the whole process. I’m enjoying the ride, fight week and all of that. So yes, the fact that it is my first main event in the UFC, is something big on a personal level and for my career, so I am making the most of it, “closed Irene Aldana, excited about what is to come.” Irene Aldana, making it clear that she is much better than before, and excited about Saturday’s fight.

Irene Aldana.
Post by Irene Aldana.

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