Sad! McLaren regrets the departure of Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz

As has been known for a few months, Carlos Sainz will stop being part of the team Mclaren at the end of the season. The Spaniard will fulfill his dream of being a Ferrari, after a season of oblivion by the Maranello team. However, from the highest echelons of the British team they lamented the departure of Sainz.

In the last hours, the CEO of Mclaren, Zak Brown, spoke in an interview for the official Formula 1 podcast. In the note published this Wednesday, the leader assured that there was a clause in Sainz’s contract, which could have ensured his continuity with them. However, the negotiation determined that the Spanish left the team at the end of the season.

According Zak Brown, the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo it was fundamental for Sainz’s departure. “We would not have let Carlos go if we had not believed that we would get Daniel. When we thought that the door was open we said ‘yes, let’s try it’, we are going to set a date to speak again and it turned out that we were able to sign Daniel and Ferrari wanted Carlos, so we said ‘great, let’s do it “», confirmed Brown.

Further, Brown assured that there was a clause that could have changed the whole story, since the team could have kept Sainz. “We could have kept him, we had an agreement whereby we could have avoided that, we had a choice. We try to bring Daniel Ricciardo for the first time a couple of years ago, so he was always higher than anyone on our list, “said the manager.

The relationship with the pilot

Finally, the CEO of Mclaren He assured that there is a good relationship between the two, although they will not share another team. The way we get along is impressive, we have total harmony in the garage. Carlos gives everything he has. If you look at the other teams, there is not much harmony there, so I am very proud because relationships are very important to us, “said Brown.

The unveiling of the 2020 car. Source: McLaren F1

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