Crazy! Floyd Mayweather would accept $ 300 million for rematch with McGregor

Crazy!  Floyd Mayweather would accept $ 300 million for rematch with McGregor

The American boxer, Floyd mayweather, gave something to talk about in these hours, after mentioning a rematch with Conor McGregor. He himself warned that he would accept a daily payment of 300 million if the Irishman wants to fight again in the ring, although he also shot him with thick ammunition. While he emphasized the desire to face him again, he did not waste a second to speak his mind about the UFC expeller.

If I could pick an easy $ 300 million, absolutely. In the same way, the same results. Your health is your wealth. So as for me, go out and compete against a guy like Conor McGregor, or a guy who is really inexperienced, it would not be expensive at all. He would absolutely fight Khabib Nurmagomedov as well. It’s $ 300 million fights, ”Floyd began by saying about fighting martial artists again.

He doesn’t like McGregor

In turn, he is also good at mathematics. You have to make sense of it. Common sense. Certain kinds of dollars. I need to have my powers too. I had my time. I had my era. Now is the era of young fighters. It’s okay for me to go fight a Khabib or a ConorWith those two fights alone, he could make $ 600 million. That doesn’t hurt to fight guys who just entertain. Everything is entertainment, “he said.

«Conor McGregor cannot hit. It cannot hit. I don’t even remember the uppercut he gave me, I don’t remember. I am having fun. I was like this guy hit so smooth. You know what you did wrong, but you also know what you did right. What he did wrong was getting in the ring with me. What he did well was getting in the ring with me so he could get a great payday. I don’t like it at all, not at all », he closed Floyd mayweather about.

Sayings of Dana White

“It is true. We sat down at the Clippers game. We started talking and literally made a deal right there on the court. If things unfold the way they Floyd and I think they will, I will probably sit down with Al Haymond in March and get a deal on paper, “said Dana White, president of the UFC. “Dana White and I are working together again to bring another spectacular event to the world in 2020,” “Money” had said.

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