Featherweight shakes! Alexander Volkanovski and his next steps in the UFC

Featherweight shakes!  Alexander Volkanovski and his next steps in the UFC

Alexander Volkanovski (22-1 MMA, 9-0 UFC) is clearly not afraid of anyone, so he is excited about what is coming. He himself knows that he has great potential inside the cage and that has been well demonstrated in his numbers. In this way, he now looks at what may come for him, knowing which important names are those that would appear on the payroll. “I’ve been quite vocal about that, like, what are these contenders doing,” he began.

Volkanovski He spoke with the press a few hours ago and left several interesting phrases. I’m not the type to make my mouth, but I have to let them know: What are they doing? Do you want this injection or not? Just get that No. 1 contender spot and you’re in. That is all you need to do. I want to fight the best fighter who is next in line. I don’t care who it is, because I think I’m a bad match for any of the boys in my division, “he added to his remarks.

Not afraid of anyone

«I am not afraid of anyone. I just want you to be that guy. I want you to be the guy who wins that opportunity and the one that everyone is talking about. Fortunately, we finally have a fight that will likely be No. 1 contenders with Ortega and Zombie. The only one who has been doing anything in the last six or seven months is Kattar. I have a lot of respect for him, and I have my eye there. I don’t think I’m in that place yet, “he said. Alexander.

On the other hand, Volkanovski He stressed that he would like to meet a star: «I want a great fight. I want the guy everyone screams for. I think that, whether it’s Zombie or Ortega, whoever wins that fight, especially if he does it wildly, everyone is going to be yelling his name. Even if it’s Zabit if he fights Yair, I don’t know if that’s happening. I need one of these guys to go out there and dominate so I can fight them later this year, early next year. “

“People keep talking about Cejudo and I like to have fun with it. If ever there was a time for that, it was a few months ago. And Patrick with the million dollars, he’s not going to do that. I guarantee you. Again, I’m just having fun with him. Will it happen realistically? Probably not. Like I told Dana, it will be the easiest money you will ever make. And with Cejudo, he will continue begging for this fight, but it will probably never happen, “he closed. Alexander Volkanovski, leaving a new suit for “Triple C”.

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