Frank Mir’s daughter, Bella, is all the rage for her MMA debut at the age of 17

Frank Mir's daughter, Bella, is all the rage for her MMA debut at the age of 17

The legacy of Frank Mir will have a new generation, the one that is very little to begin to explode in Mixed Martial Arts. Bella Mir, the daughter of the former UFC heavyweight champion, began her journey in MMA It is already all the rage for the enormous quality it presents. Her father has 27 fights in the leading company, but now she is ready to make her professional debut. It already has its first contest for October, although it is only 17 years old.

Malki Kawa of First Round Management was the one who released the information on Tuesday this week, making it clear that she signed a contract with him to represent her and help her explode in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Many, who know her and have seen her in action, say that she has perhaps more potential than her father at that age. It promises a lot, so the best companies are already beginning to notice it.

According to Kawa, who released the news and began to viralize the photo with her signed contract, her debut will be on October 22. It will be under the rules and modalities of the Ikon Fight Federation, in Mexico. Bella will face an opponent who has not suffered completions, so the debut will be even more complicated for her. Her first fight as a professional will be in the women’s bantamweight division.

Praise from his father

“This is a good one… please help me 🚨 welcome @ ladymir11 Bella Mir, 17 years old, to the @firstroundmgmt family. Bella is the eldest daughter of 2x heavyweight champion and first Cuban champion in the @ufc, @thefrankmir. Now here is the best part: Bella is considered the best athlete in Las Vegas, male or female, her father has been training her for years, ”Frank began on Instagram.

Bella Mir She always trained with her father, so she has great benefits from having been managed by one of the best in history. «Well… she is making her professional debut‼ ️ next month is the limit and here is for the real future of the women’s divisions everywhere! I would say welcome to the family, but you have been one of the family! #mir #mma #womanpower #fightlikeagirl », he concluded Frank Mir.

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