In tremendous outburst, Mayweather downplays legacies of Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali

En tremendo exabrupto, Mayweather minimiza legados de Rocky Marciano y Muhammad Ali

With an outburst as tremendous as it is superb, Floyd mayweather jr. reviewed his boxing career and downplayed the legacies of Rocky marciano Y Muhammad Ali.

In this case, Money aimed against great champions like Mike tyson, Roy jones jr, Rocky marciano and even his own Muhammad Ali, in a chat with Shannon sharpe, of Club Shay Shay.

“Of all these guys in boxing history, I have accomplished more than all the fighters in boxing history,” he proclaimed. Mayweather.

And then, the interview entered a dynamic in which Floyd mayweather I asked Shannon sharpe to mention the names of those he considered better than him. And with every name that Sharpe threw him, Floyd he was dedicated to arguing because his career is better than theirs.

Mayweather calls himself bigger than Rocky Marciano

When the interviewer, Shannon sharpe asked if he considered himself bigger than Rocky marciano, who also retired undefeated, Floyd mayweather answered yes.

“How many world champions has he beaten Rocky marciano?”, I ask Floyd. “We already know that I beat more champions who will go to the Hall of Fame than he did in his career. So let’s remove Rocky marciano of the discussion (about who is the best in history). He finished 49-0 and I 50-0, but even if we both had finished 49-0, we have to talk about achievements, and we know that I had more achievements than him.

Mayweather vs Muhammad Ali

The Greatest he was also the victim of their gossip.

“Is Ali The same one that was defeated by a fighter who only had seven fights? ”Mayweather asked. “Leon spinks beat Muhammad Ali when I had only 7 fights ”.

And later, Mayweather He gave as an example another rival who had Muhammad Ali: Ken Norton.

“What was the fighter with whom Ali fought three times? Ken Norton“, Explained Mayweather. “Ken NortonHe actually beat him three times. Come back and watch the fights. “

Better than Roy Jones Jr

With much more respect than when he referred to two of the greatest in boxing history, the Michigan-born also spoke of Roy Jones.

“I take my hat off to Roy jones jr, although I beat more champions than him ”, he explained Mayweather. “But with Roy Jones is the same case of Muhammad Ali. When they were young, their defense was good because they could move, but when they lost their legs, they went into decline. I was the master of defense Mayweather“.

According to him, Floyd Mayweather is still the face of boxing

Floyd mayweather he claims they don’t give his career enough credit because they are envious of him.

“They envy me,” he explained Mayweather. “I always say what I think. Boxing is not like the NFL or the NBA where many times the players cannot say what they want to say. You can see the case of Colin Kaepernick. When he took a stand on what he believed in, they fired him. When those players take a stance, they run. You can’t run to me, because to this day, Floyd mayweather it is the face of boxing ”.

Y Floyd He explained why it is considered that way.

The reason I’m the face of boxing is because every time you talk about the sport, they don’t mention Muhammad Ali or Mike tyson“, He said Floyd. “They always mention Floyd mayweather. Because I’m still the face of boxing. “

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