Jealousy? Dana White claims McGregor and Poirier for organizing a fight outside the UFC

Jealousy?  Dana White claims McGregor and Poirier for organizing a fight outside the UFC

Conor McGregor Y Dustin Poirier They want to fight, but it will not be within the UFC as it would be done for charity and in Ireland. The official poster is now ready, so apparently this contest will take place without problems at the end of the year, on December 12. Now, after both fighters agreed and accepted the terms and conditions, Dana White, president of the most important MMA entity in the world, demands that it be done within it.

After the lightweights agreed to face off in a fight in Ireland for charity, it was the UFC president who claimed that the promotion already has offers for both fighters. In this way, fans also mocked the president, as he waited for both to reach an agreement outside the company to offer them a fight that many have wanted for a long time. Thus, he earned the criticism alone.

White’s words

“Not, Conor and I have not spoken outside the public. I don’t know if you just saw, the Saudis went after Conor, they basically said it’s a lie that the Manny Pacquiao fight is happening and you better take him down in the next 15 minutes and we’re going to sue you. He shot it down. You no longer see the poster about him and Pacquiao that he published, “he began by saying Dana, making it clear that the Irishman would not fight the boxer as had been said.

Then he called Poirier with Conor in Dublin for charity, that was why. So we offered both of them a fight, since they apparently want to fight. We offered to Dustin and Conor a fight, so we are waiting to receive a response from both to know if it will be done or not, “he closed Dana White, who wants this contest to be yes or yes within his octagon. Now the main question is whether they will accept or take this as a desperate mockery.

It does not serve him that it is outside the UFC

In recent days there have been no good attitudes from the president and Conor McGregor, who have crossed paths several times on social networks. Now, with this contest scheduled out of the UFC, White would not tolerate so many millions slipping out of his hand. Knowing that the Irish and Dustin Poirier They move a lot within MMA, it would be great for him to be able to have them in a rematch in his own company.

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