Lewis Hamilton told who his idol is: “He was the greatest sports icon of all time”

Lewis Hamilton

In the last hours Lewis hamilton gave new statements of the repercussions of the claim he made on the podium of the Tuscany GP. The Briton was consulted by a British newspaper and commented who is an idol. Among those who stand out for Hamilton, are world sports figures such as Ayrton Senna and Muhammad Ali.

The pilot of Mercedes He assured that his social activism is generating great changes in society, and in the leadership of sports. In addition, the British gave definitions of what the figure of the former world boxing champion means for his life and career, Muhammad Ali. The late boxer was a great activist against social inequality.

The Brit was free of praise for Ali. “I think Muhammad Ali was the greatest sports icon of all time. He was always someone to look up to. It has inspired me a lot throughout my life. That’s why I got a tattoo of him on my right calf. I did not grow up in the period when Ali was fighting, and when I met him, I had seen all these videos and read a lot about him, “he said. Hamilton.

In addition, the pilot of Mercedes He spoke again about his idols, especially about Ayrton senna. “I looked at Superman, who is not real and did not look like me, but I loved what he represented, along with the legend of the Formula 1, Ayrton senna, which was from Brazil. This fair representation of our stories is one of the most important things and it comes from telling stories of what figures like Muhammad Ali«Continued

Will it continue to express itself in Formula 1?

The current world leader closed the interview arguing his claim on the podium of the Tuscany GP. For this, Hamilton He was investigated after wearing a T-shirt demanding justice for the murder of an African-American woman. “I think some of the people who run these sports have been very nervous about getting into politics or they feel like they are going to get caught up in a political dispute. But it is not really about politics, it is human rights and defending something, “she said.

The British Muhammad Ali tattoo.

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