Scola: “Campazzo and Deck have NBA level and must seize their opportunity”


Luis Scola, historical player of the Argentine Golden Generation and former NBA player who currently plays for the Italian Varese, considered this Thursday that both Facundo Campazzo as Gabriel Deck they are in a position to play in the best basketball in the world and they should not let their moment pass.

“My advice to any player in the world who has the possibility of going to the NBA is to always go to the NBA. The only exception is that you are very young and wait a year and It is not the case of Facu (Campazzo) and Gaby (Deck), they have the level to play and if they have the opportunity they have to go to the best league in the world, They have to try their best and there is no reason not to go to the NBA “, Scola said of the two Real Madrid players in statements to Radio Marca.

About the options Campazzo To play a major role in the NBA, Scola was realistic: “I think that Facu has the level to play in the NBA, I don’t know what factors are going to be given to make it go well, but even if it goes bad you have to go to the NBA, you have to go where the best are. In my time the distance had shortened a bit but I think that now the distance is enormous and if you have the opportunity to play there you have to take advantage of it “, he assured.

Regarding the NBA final, a stalwart of LeBron James was shown: “It is a final as if it were a ‘break point’, a key moment for LeBron. He knows that it is his opportunity to definitively enter the LeBron or Jordan discussion, although for me he is already in the discussion to see who he is. best ever and there are only the two of them “, explained.

“The biggest argument that I could have LeBron in his favor is that he won with three different teams, that he won many titles, while Jordan’s argument is that he did not lose, but I think that LeBron is in the discussion, and even, to me, if he wins, he’s the best ever “, Luis Scola concluded.

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