Sergio Pérez spoke again about his departure from Racing Point: “I didn’t expect it”

Sergio Pérez

The news of the future of Sergio perez they are expecting a lot. The Mexican has not yet confirmed that it will be the next season and again gave statements that resonated in the world of the Formula 1. Besides the rumors of his arrival at Red bull they continue to grow, although they deny it from the team.

‘Checo’ shared a video on his official YouTube account, in which he summarizes what was the chaotic Italian Grand Prix, where he finished tenth. However, the Mexican spoke of the moment in which he learned of the decision of Lawrence Stroll, since according to his words it was something unexpected.

After giving a kind of chronicle of what that weekend was like for the team, Perez He was very sad with the news received. Today was a very strange day. I found out about my departure from the team for next year. We have an incredible race for today. For my part I took the cold news. I did not expect. Everything indicated that he was going to continue ”, commented ‘Checo’.

The future of ‘Checo’

However, Perez showed no grudges with the decision made by Racing point. “I get it. This is a business and so is the Formula 1. I don’t have a plan B for now. All I know is that I have a beautiful family. Now if everything is open, everything is an option. Since continuing in the category and if not, I don’t know »

Near the end of the video, the Mexican was confident and very hopeful about what the future holds. “I’m looking forward to planning and seeing what the future holds. Many people will think ‘what bad luck I have had’. Maybe I have not been the most fortunate at the time, but being here for 10 years, the successes, the amount of good things that I have had, speak much more of anything else. I have been very fortunate to belong to the Formula 1«, Sentenced the Racing Point driver.

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