To hospital! Bellator fighter was tapped after losing weight for his fight

To hospital!  Bellator fighter was tapped after losing weight for his fight

Bellator has already changed its main event to the event on CBS Sports Network, following the cancellation of Paul daley vs. Derek Anderson. The first of those mentioned dreamed of his third consecutive victory in the circular cage, which could occur in this Bellator 247. The same would take place for him Thursday night in Milan, Italy, they did not show up for weigh-ins. The company reported that he lost 2.6 pounds of weight and had to be taken to a hospital.

«Paul daley he weighed at 172.6 during the official window, so he had to cut a lot of weight and his body didn’t take it that easily. He was unable to make it to the stage during ceremonial weigh-ins shortly thereafter and was subsequently transported to the hospital. The fight has been canceled and we will have a new main event shortly, “was what he announced. Bellator on their platforms, making clear what happened.

Daley’s Apologies

The main character also spoke, so he said: “I was not fit to go, I wanted to fight. And then I just heard that there is no chance. Like I said, what happened to the last part of the weight cut is not unusual for professional wrestlers, it just happens normally in our rooms with our team. It’s a great shame not to be able to be there, after so much work with my team.

“It is unfortunate that it took place downstairs and that Bellator, CBS and Sky Sports, even though I am in shape, I am healthy, I am 100 percent, no hospital treatment, ready to go right now, they don’t want to fight. So I apologize to them and to all the fans who were looking forward to this event. We will surely do it later », he closed Paul daley, who was not satisfied with what happened in recent hours.

New Bellator 247 undercard

  • Norbert Novenyi Jr. (185.6) vs. Laid Zerhouni (182.6).
  • Kate Jackson (125.6) vs. Denise Kielholtz (123.4).
  • Brian Moore (145.8) vs. Simone D’anna (144.6)
  • Lewis Long (170.6) vs. Gianni Melillo (170).
  • Mandy Bohm (125.8) vs. Iamik Furtado (159).
  • Walter Gahadza (170) vs. Uros.
  • Jurisic (171) Kywan Gracie Behring (170.4) vs. Constantin Gnusariev (169).
  • Lee Chadwick (204.4 8) vs. Ederson Macedo (204).
  • Blaine O’Driscoll (125) vs. Salah Elkas (125.8).
  • Jade Jorand (105.6) vs. Monika Tochlikova (106).

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