Surprised? Christian Horner spoke of the departure of Honda

Christian Horner

The output of Sling of the Formula 1 left all the fans with their mouths open. The news was unexpected as there was no rumor and both Red bull, as your team leader, Christian horner, they were totally surprised with the novelty. The team will have to remodel everything it had planned for the future in the category.

Once the news is known, Christian horner was very firm in accompanying the decision of Sling. Further, Horner He assured that although they are hurt with the exit, they will try to carry their relationship in the best way, until the end of 2021. Sling He assured in a statement that his plans will be focused on the search for carbon neutral engines.

So much Red bull, as AlphaTauri, must now look for a new rider for the 2022 season. The energy drink teams will have to take into account the regulations of the category for that year, since in the new ‘Pact of Concord’, this will change. Although they have already had a relationship with many ups and downs, the team is expected to request that Renault take care of the supply of power units.

Respect for Honda

The team leader Red bull, ensured that they would accompany the Japanese brand to the end. «As a team we understand how difficult it has been for Sling Motor Company reach the decision to move away from the Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season. The change in the automotive industry has led to the decision to Sling to redistribute their resources and we understand and respect their reasons, ”said Horner.

Thanks … but not so much

However, Horner He was very hurt by the decision made by Sling, although he extended his thanks for the work done. “Although we are disappointed not to continue our partnership with Sling, we are enormously proud of our joint success and we thank them for their extraordinary efforts and commitment »

The Red Bull team will be relieving Honda in late 2021. Source: Sutton Images

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