The balance after date 5 of CONMEBOL Libertadores

The balance after date 5 of CONMEBOL Libertadores

The fifth and penultimate date of the group stage of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup, after the stoppage that the pandemic forced and with one more date ahead to be played after the recess that the start of the Qualifiers in South America forces towards the World Cup in Qatar.

Let’s see how things turned out for the last day, group by group.


Flamengo, who returned the win to Independiente del Valle at home, reached 12 points and although he qualified for the round of 16, he still did not secure the first place in the Group, since he is precisely threatened by the Ecuadorian team that has 9 points.

Junior (6 points) had everything to make Inependiente del Valle even more uncomfortable on the last day, but the unexpected defeat against Barcelona (3), already eliminated, greatly reduced his chances of reaching his passage to the round of 16 of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup.

In addition to the three points that separate them, Independiente del Valle leads Junior in goal difference, plus 4 for the Ecuadorians and -2 for the Colombians, important to take into account when it comes to qualifying mathematics.

Date 6 will have its two crosses on Wednesday, October 21 at the same time, when Flamengo receives Junior in Rio de Janeiro and the Ecuadorians meet Independiente del Valle as local.


Palmeiras (13) and with a positive difference of 10 in the sum of goals and Guaraní with +5 of goal difference and three points less are the two classified from this area to the next phase of the Cup. Tigre (1) and Bolívar (4) said goodbye this week with bulky defeats.

On Wednesday, October 21, only the first place in Group B will be defined and it is very difficult for Palmeiras to escape, who would have to lose heavily at home to Tigre and Guaraní would have to beat Bolívar as a visitor at the height. Everything seems to be said, but we will have to wait.

Athletico Paranaense (10 points and +3 in goals) has already secured his place among the 16 teams in the round of 16. But the second place is on fire: Jorge Wilstermann (7, +2); Peñarol (6, 0) and Colo Colo (6, -5) dream of a greater or lesser degree of possibilities of achieving the desired classification for the next round.

Exciting duels await us on the sixth date: on Tuesday the 20th and at the same time the Chilean Chief will receive the Bolivian Aviator, while the Carbonero will receive in Montevidero a Paranaense devil’s advocate in the illusion of the rest of the Group’s teams.


Liga de Quito (12, +7) is the leader of the group with River Plate (10, +12) on their heels and eager to take the place. Both were classified to eighth, River with a great victory over Sao Paulo (4, -1) in Argentina by 2 to 1 that ended the hopes of the Brazilians. The Peruvian champion Binational (3, -18) was already eliminated beforehand.

On October 20, it will be decided who wins the Group when River receives the Quito League in Argentina. To complete the schedule, São Paulo receives Binacional in Brazil, in a duel of eliminated.


Gremio (10, +3) took advantage of the double date very well to take the lead in this Group and take a good advantage of Inter (8, +3) for the last day. Of the other two, the only one who has the right to hope in the last date is America (5, -2) while the Catholic University (4, -4 was eliminated after losing with Gremio 2 to 0.

In the next one, he receives América de Cali, he has to thrash in his visit to Gremio and wait for La Católica to give him a hand and beat Inter de Porto Alegre in Chile with a good difference. They all play on October 22 at the same time.


Racing (12, +4) and Nacional de Montevideo (12, +4) demonstrated the parity on the field that the numbers give them when looking at the tables. Both are comfortably in the round of 16 phase and with their productions it is also very likely that this group will have the best second in the competition, which will ensure, at least until the semifinals, define in local condition, something that without an audience loses a bit of significance but weighs.

Students from Mérida (4, -3) and Alianza Lima (1, -5) showed that there are still distances between the clubs on the continent.

The final locations will be defined on October 21 when Racing receives Estudiantes de Mérida and Nacional receives Alianza Lima.


Santos (13, +4) will be the winner of the group no matter what happens on Tuesday 20 on the last date. But his triumph in Paraguay left the area compacted and red-hot. Defense and Justice (6, -1), which was quite complicated when falling in Ecuador by 3 to 0, and Olimpia of Paraguay (5, -1) are the best to look for second place, but Delfín (4, -2) wants to third in the definition of Group G.

What will the crosses of October 20 be like? The Dean receives the Ecuadorians in Asunción and the Peixe will sift the illusions of the Halcón de Varela in São Paulo, both parties at the earliest time that Tuesday.


Boca (11, +6) is another team that, in addition to qualifying, secured first place in the Group at the end of the phase. Caracas (7, +1) and Libertad de Paraguay (7, +1) will fight on the last day to accompany the Argentines to the round of 16, while Independiente Medellín (3, -4) was eliminated from the competition.

The Paraguayans who lost their coach Ramón Díaz in the middle of this last double date, have it easier: they play at home against Independiente Medellín, although Caracas has a difficult visit to La Bombonera, we will have to see which team Miguel Russo has for that day , already with the classification in your pocket.

Both games go on October 22 with a golden closing of the entire group stage.

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