When does it come back? Marc Márquez hastens his recovery: “I have to be in good physical condition”

Marc Márquez

It has become customary to see the domain of Marc Márquez in recent seasons. The Spanish rider is listed as one of the most important competitors in the history of the MotoGP. However, an injury in the Andalusian Grand Prix, after a fall, took away the possibility of being crowned champion again this season.

The Spanish tried to speed up his recovery, to return to competition, a week after his fall. Marquez he had to be operated again after a domestic accident, and this buried all the chances of being the one who takes the title. In the last hours, the pilot of Sling, showed new images of his recovery.

Marc Márquez He showed two photos on his social networks of his training. The first of them was published this Thursday, where he is seen again on his bicycle. This type of training is seen daily in Spanish. Previously, he could be seen riding a bicycle, but with the detail of having a frame on his right shoulder.

The second image you can already see the work of your physios and doctors. Also, in the photo you can see a small detail. The Spanish is receiving massages in the area of ​​the ailment and with a special friend, his dog. The pilot of Sling He is a great lover of animals, since in his home he has a large number of pets.

“It’s hard to watch the races from home”

In the last hours Marquez He gave an interview to a Spanish medium, and gave some details of his day to day. «My mentality will be the same. Try to be on the edge. Force the arm, but always within the doctors’ deadlines. And when I get back on the bike, my approach will be the same: attack. That’s why when i come back I have to be in good physical condition. The arm will have to be at 80 or 90 percent to try to be fast from the beginning, “said the current champion.

The Spaniard remains firm with his bicycle. Source: Instagram Marc Márquez
Marc Márquez
“One more day, one less day”, published Márquez Source: Instagram Marc Márquez

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