Are you at risk? Colby Covington’s health questioned for Donald Trump positive

Are you at risk?  Colby Covington's health questioned for Donald Trump positive

The controversial American UFC, Colby covington, kept in touch with Donald trump, who tested positive for COVID-19. The president of the United States confirmed that he was infected with coronavirus in these hours, so the Mixed Martial Arts fighter is being analyzed, trying to avoid a further spread. The fighter claims to be fine, although social networks showed conflicting opinions about it.

“For the people who constantly slander my name, but are suddenly concerned about my health and well-being: I am COVID-free. I have been tested 7 times in the last 3 weeks, including before and after meeting with the POTUS. They also tested me during fight week, as well as before and after the debate. ALL NEGATIVE », the fighter began explaining on social networks.

“Speaking of ALL NEGATIVE, how about all the drool in Hollywood and sports we wake up wishing a 74 year old grandpa was hurt!?! How tolerant! Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the United States, @realdonaldtrump is a fighter !!! It is the newspaper of fake news every day. The KO’d Slow Joe and Chris Wallace at the same time on Tuesday! Now is the time for a COVID KO causal weekend! For a quick recovery and 4 more years !!! », gave encouragement to the president.

The relationship between the two

Of course Colby covington Y Donald trump They have a great friendship, something that has been seen a lot in recent times. The president is passionate about contact sports, so the mentioned fighter is one of his favorites. Two weeks ago, when he beat Tyron Woodley, the head of state called him on the phone while he was on a live interview. In turn, they always support and support each other.

You’re a strong-looking guy. You are a great fighter. He was the champion and you made it look easy, being that he was a very complicated opponent. I’m proud of you man I just gave a big speech in front of thousands of people and said, ‘I have to go home to see Colby‘. Finally everything ended as expected. You really make me proud, you are a great man “, were some of the words he said. Donald trump, when Covington beat Woodley.

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